Monday, December 1, 2014

Adios! (+ A Few Things to Note)

Hey you guys! I hope that those of you here in the states all had wonderful Thanksgiving weekends with your families and friends. Ours was equal parts relaxing and exciting. We had Thanksgiving dinner at my dad and stepmom's, and Essley had her first taste of meat ever for her first Thanksgiving ever (organic turkey). She was a little confused but seemed to like it. It was pretty cute. (I've been a vegetarian most of my life but my family let me make the decision for myself, and we'll be doing the same for Essley.) My sister Morgan and brother-in-law Josh came into town on Friday, and on Saturday Morgan and I ran our first 5k. It was so much fun and I can't wait to do another one. And yesterday was full of errands, packing orders, and packing for our trip. And speaking of this trip (we leave bright and early tomorrow morning!), I have a few things I want to share with you guys before I head out.

1. VACATION/WORK SCHEDULE: I will be out of the office this afternoon through next Monday morning while I'm in the Dominican Republic for Robbie's band's annual holiday music festival. I will have some internet access down there, but this is a work trip for Robbie, and I will be watching Essley full time - so if you do contact me, please allow a little extra time than normal for a response. If you have an urgent matter regarding either the blog or the Bubby and Bean Art shop, you can contact my assistant Kari at kari (AT)

2. HOLIDAY CARD ORDERS: The Bubby and Bean Art Shop will remain open for orders this week. Any orders placed from today through Sunday December 7th will ship the week of December 8th. Orders will be processed and shipped in the order they are received. Wholesale orders will be be shipped by December 9th.

3. BLOG: The blog will remain active and continue to be updated almost daily all week, so be sure to continue to check in! Our wonderful contributors have put together some great posts for you guys, and I'll have one or two as well.

4. FOLLOWING ALONG: If you'd like to follow along with our Dominican adventures, you can do so over on my Instagram (@bubbyandbean) and/or Twitter (@motm_ecofashion).

Thank you for humoring the (admittedly annoying) Type A portion of my personality that comes out before trips by allowing me to share these details, all nicely broken down and numbered. If you guys saw my house or office space, you would likely describe me as the least organized person you'd ever met. But when it comes to planning events, parties, or vacations, I'm meticulous. I need everything lined up and several lists in front of me or a meltdown inevitably occurs (especially during this time of year). At least I've learned how to avoid a nervous breakdown, right?

Enjoy your week friends!

Background photo of Punta Cana, DR for top image found here.



  1. Have a fabulous time, Melissa!
    Enjoy the lovely warm weather :)

  2. Ordered an art print! Have the best trip, post pictures!!

  3. Have an AWESOME time! :-) I can't wait to see the beach-y pictures when you get back.

  4. I'm for sure going to order some cards later this week. I can't wait to see pictures of your trip and live vicariously!

  5. Wishing you safe and happy travels, Melissa!

  6. Aw lucky! I'm super jealous. Have a great deserve a break!

  7. What an awesome location for a music festival. Have fun!

  8. Have fun! I can't wait to be back in the Caribbean visiting family :)

  9. Melissa, enjoy the vacation & time with your man. Sounds like it will be fabulous, and yes, I'll absolutely be stalking you via Instagram!! ;) Also, thank you so much for the sweet words on my vlog - so nice to hear!! xo


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