Thursday, July 30, 2015

Color Love // Dried Herb

Pantone Dried Herb for Fall 2015 (via Bubby and Bean) border=
1. T-Strap Mary Jane, Urban Outfitters  //  2. Napolia Crossbody, Free People  //  3. Long Sleeve Loose Blouse, SheIn  //  4. Botanical Green Statement Ring, Starlight Woods  //  5. Sew Psyched Nail Color, Essie  //  6. Carson Duffel Bag, J.Crew Factory  //  7. Beaded Multi-Cord Long Necklace, Nordstrom  //  8. Sleeveless Jumpsuit, H&M  //  9. Leather Style Fabric Hat, Zara  //  10. White and Olive Sunglasses, Elizabeth and James

I'm going to start this off right away by saying that I am in no way ready to admit that fall is (sort of) around the corner. I know that as a blogger, I'm supposed to be smitten with fall and its breezy air and layered scarves and pumpkin spice blah blah blah but that's just not my jam, folks. I'm a summer girl and I'm going to embrace every last day of this best of all seasons right up through September 22nd.

All of that said, my promise to live in the now of summertime doesn't stop me from the occasional look at fall trends. (I mean we're talking about trends - you have to look ahead, right?) And my peeks into these trends, of course, includes Pantone's seasonal color report. Technically I initially looked at this back in February when it first came out, but now that we're starting to see the colors in all of the stores, it's back on my mind. Although this season's report features colors that are a little too warm toned for my general liking, I love the overall earthy vibe of the scheme. In the late 90s, I couldn't get enough sage, and it's kind of cool to see it making a comeback with 'Desert Sage.' The blue-tinged grey of 'Stormy Weather' is also quite lovely - I think it would look killer paired with creams or whites. But it's 'Dried Herb,' a rich olive green tone (that's still muted but distinctly warmer and more vibrant than last season's cool-toned shade of olive called 'Cypress'), that really caught my eye. And for this edition of Color Love, I'm paying to tribute to it, as seen in the roundup collage above. The cross body bag (#2) is way out of my price range, but I'm still in love.  My wallet can handle that gorgeous flowy blouse (#3), and by the time you read this it may even be part of my closet.

What are your thoughts on Dried Herb? Any other shades you're particularly fond of for this fall?


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Baby News! It's A...

Gender Reveal! Bubby and Bean

We're having a little boy! A boy! One of each! Needless to say, we are beyond thrilled. Just like with last time, we would have been stoked either way, but this is pretty awesome. I'm fairly certain that Essley is going to love bossing her little brother around. And we all can't wait to meet this little man who is already loved so much.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

10 Great Vegetarian Taco Recipes

10 Great Vegetarian Taco Recipes (via Bubby and Bean)
1. Hush Puppy Tacos, Beard and Bonnet  //  2. Quinoa Salad Soft Tacos, Cafe Johnsonia  //  3. Heat Free Lentil and Walnut Tacos, Oh  My Veggies  //  4. Black Bean and Roasted Sweet Potato Tacos, Bubby & Bean  //  5. Paneer Tikka Tacos, Masala Mexicana  //  6. Zucchini and Crimini Street Tacos, A Spicy Perspective  //  7. Beer Battered Avocado Tacos, The Beeroness  //  8. Mapo Tofu Tacos, Hip Foodie Mom  //  9. Vegan Breakfast Tacos, Minimalist Baker  //  10. Tempeh Tacos, Betty Goes Vegan  

TACOS FOREVER. I'm actually kind of tempted to just leave this post with that and not even type anything else because really, that's all I need to say. Tacos are my favorite food times, like, infinity, and I eat them at least two or three times a week. I've even been known to eat them everyday, happily. I've actually never had a taco with beef or chicken in it - I've only had vegetarian tacos (and fish tacos, although it's been years). But vegetarian tacos still have so many options for different ingredient combinations that I feel like I'm not missing out at all. We tend to consistently eat the black bean/cheese/avocado/hot sauce in soft corn shell variety, so recently I decided to look into some other types of veggie taco recipes to try out. And of course, I had to share the ones that I'm most excited to make with you guys, hence this taco-filled edition of 10 Great.

Happy Taco Tuesday friends! Who else could live off the tasty pockets of goodness? What are your favorite taco ingredients?


Monday, July 27, 2015

What I'm Wearing Now: July

Summer Style Essentials, via Bubby and Bean
1. Embroidered Dress (thrifted years ago, has a couple of nice stains that I pretend don't exist; love this similar dress)  //  2. Long Tank, Target  //  2. Striped Kimono (similar here for only $16!/borrowed from my sister/may not return)  //  3. Elephant Kimono, F21 (no longer available, but also love this kimono in a similar cut and color)  //  4. 'I Need Coffee' Tee (actually a sleep shirt that I bought a year and a half ago and is now out of stock)  //  5.. Mala Bracelets (got 10+ years ago while living at the Tibetan Buddhist Center; similar found here)  //  6. Cream Kimono (bought last summer; similar here)  //  7. Cropped Leggings, SO //  8. Straw Islander Tote, TOMS  //  9. Mossimo Bailey Footbed Sandals in White, Target  //  10. Hi Top Back Zip Booties, Minnetonka

Welcome to second trimester dressing! It's that special time of pregnancy when anything in your closet that isn't oversized doesn't fit, but your bump isn't quite big enough to make it apparent that you're pregnant, so you often end up just looking like a walking blob of sloppiness (or at least I do). Although the second trimester is considered to be the best part of pregnancy in terms of how you feel, it's my least favorite part when it comes to my wardrobe (at least in the first month or so, which is where I am right now). My cut-offs and jeans no longer button (or, to be honest, fit over my butt and thighs), my cute mini dresses are pulled up just enough by my growing belly that they can't be worn without leggings, and any of my tops and dresses that aren't knit/jersey can no longer be pulled over my boobs. And as much as I love maxi dresses on other people, they don't work well with my body shape any of the time, much less when I'm pregnant. The solution for me is, thankfully, a combination of things I already have in my closet: oversized tees and tanks, cropped/capri leggings (which I'm pretty sure are not in style unless you're going for a run or bike ride, but man are they comfortable), kimonos, and slightly longer versions of my beloved mini dresses that I usually sport on the daily this time of year (like this one that I bought at Target then hemmed a few inches and wear at least a couple of times a week; it's not shown above because I couldn't find a decent image). And that's what I'm showcasing for this month's edition of What I'm Wearing Now. (If you're a new reader, you can read more about the motivation behind why I started this series by checking out the past editions, right here.) You'll probably notice quite a few repeats from recent months this time too, especially the more unfitted (is that a word?), flowing pieces like the kimonos, which can be found on my body pretty much everyday right now. And I'm genuinely in awe that I only spent $25 (!) on that pair of Footbed Sandals that keeps reappearing here month after month, because I wear the damn things more than any of my other shoes combined lately. Pure craziness. I will say that I like summer dressing while pregnant more than fall or winter, so I'm doing my best to embrace it, despite the challenges that come when I'm attempting to put together flattering outfits.

What type of clothing and accessory pieces have you been wearing most this month?


Friday, July 24, 2015

Let's Go Adventuring

We leave next week for a trip up to Door County, Wisconsin. And although we're not camping (or even glamping; we're staying in a rented condo), the trip feels like an outdoor adventure in my mind. When I was a little girl, my family drove up to Wisconsin to go camping in the woods every summer, so maybe that's the reason. Or maybe it's because it's a good 5-6 hour road trip to get to there, which these days, feels like a long one. Or maybe it's because we'll be doing a lot of hiking and outdoor activities once we're there. Whatever the reason, I've had summertime road trips and camping adventures on the mind, man. When I lived out west in my 20s (Colorado, Oregon, and California), I lived in places that were deep in nature, and going 'adventuring,' as we liked to call it, was a regular part of daily life. It's admittedly been a long (long) time, and this trip is far from what we did in those days, but I'm excited nonetheless. The images you see above are the types that have filled my daydreams the past few days. Maybe they're stereotypical or overly ethereal or even kind of cheesy when they're all put together as part of my outdoor exploration fantasy, but I'm feeling them. I really am.

Have you gone on any camping or outdoor adventures lately, or do you have plans for any this summer?

Images from top: 1. Moon and Trees  //  2. Oh Pioneer  //  3. Michael Smyjewski  // 4. For the Love of Wanderlust  //  5. Eartheld  //  6. SFGirlbyBay  // 7. Rob Strok  //  8. Coffee in the Mountains