Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Skin Authority Sun Glow Duo Giveaway Winner!

Skin Authority Sun Glow Duo Giveaway Winner!

Thanks to all of you who entered the Sun Glow Duo Giveaway for a chance to win a limited edition exfoliator and sunless tanner set from Skin Authority!  The winner was chosen via, and that lucky Bubby and Bean reader is...

Congratulations Stephanie!  Please contact me at bubbyandbean (at) with your mailing address so we can get you your prize.

Many thanks to Skin Authority for offering Bubby and Bean readers such a great prize!  And if you haven't yet, don't forget to enter our current giveaway for a chance to win a custom selection of teas based on your personality from our friends at Traditional Medicinals.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Favorite Girls // Essley Morgan + Auntie Morgan

My Favorite Girls // Essley Morgan + Auntie Morgan

My sister Morgan came up from Indianapolis to spend this past weekend with Essley and me for Essley's first Easter.  I was a little sad that Robbie was going to be on the road, so Morgan decided to surprise me.  The three of us had so much fun.  Despite the fact that Essley admittedly had absolutely no idea what was going on in terms of the holiday (she's not even four months, after all), we raged an egg dying party, followed by an egg hunt party, and she may have received more Easter baskets than I probably did throughout my entire childhood.  My sister and I also took Ess shopping, ate delicious things like fondue and vegetarian sushi and excessive amounts of Easter candy, watched bad girly movies, and had a whole lot of play time with baby. 

Essley's middle name is Morgan, after my sister.  My sis is also Essley's godmother, and she acted as my doula during my labor and birth.  Morgan was in the room the entire time, rubbing my back, guiding me along, and greeting our sweet little bean when she arrived.  The two of them have a pretty incredible connection.  I can't wait to see how their relationship blossoms as Essley grows. (Also: Essley got Auntie Morgan's eyelashes.  I cannot put into words the amount of envy I feel over that one.)

I decided to snap some pictures of them during a walk we took in a local park on Saturday.  The lighting wasn't the best and there were some weird shadows happening.  And I wish I'd gotten more shots.  But at least in my mind, you can still see the love between them, which is what really matters anyway.  I am so grateful for these two girls. They're my absolute favorites.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Our 6th Annual Earth Day Project

The 6th Annual Earth Day Project

Some of you may remember from last year that in celebration of every Earth Day for the last 6 years, my earth-friendly clothing line Mountains of the Moon has put together something called the annual Earth Day Project.  In honor of Earth Day, we offer our customers a special discount, and then team up with American Forests to plant trees.  Last year, I decided to include Bubby and Bean Art (my line of art and greeting cards, which features eco-conscious papers and cardstocks), in on the fun.  I'm happy to announce that it will be participating in the project again this year as well.

In both shops, by using the coupon code EARTHDAY2014 today and tomorrow (Earth Day!), you'll get 30% off your order and 30% will be given to American Forests, who will plant one tree for every dollar we donate.  If you're looking for a sweet new organic dress for spring, or some 100% recycled greeting cards for Mother's Day or graduation, now is your chance to make a difference through your dollar - and save some dollars for yourself too! 

Do you do anything special in honor of Earth Day?

*Coupon code is valid through 04/22/2014 only. May not be used toward the purchase of gift certificates, or combined with payments made with gift certificates or store credits. Coupons cannot be applied after purchases have already been made.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

GIVEAWAY // Share Your Plant Personality + Win a Custom Tea Set!

Share Your Plant Personality and Win a Personalized Tea Set from Traditional Medicinals and Bubby & Bean!

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been interested in plants and herbs and their relation to wellness (thanks to my mom, who grew herb gardens since before I was born).  And equally as long, I've been a huge fan of Traditional Medicinals teas.  Sleepy Time has been my go-to comfort tea at night for more years than I can remember, and their organic Peppermint tea helped with the queasiness I experienced during my pregnancy.  They're also the kind of company I like to support.  For over 40 years (!) they've been focused on harnessing the power of plants, with a commitment to using high quality herbs and embracing ingredient purity, sustainability, and social and environmental activism. 

Recently Traditional Medicinals released the coolest little project called the Plant Personality Quiz, where you can answer a few questions and your unique 'plant personality' will be revealed.  In less than two minutes, you find out a the exact combination of plants that reflect your nature, provide insight into your personality, and highlight your 'plant allies' that may harmonize, balance, and complement or support your overall wellness.  Pretty cool, right?  My Plant Personality is Echinacea Ginger Passionflower (you can see my specific results and the meaning behind them right here).  My custom corresponding teas - all of which are certified organic and non-GMO verified - are Echinacea Plus (supports the immune system), Ginger Aid (promotes healthy digestion), and Nighty Night (relieves occasional sleeplessness).  I've been especially enjoying the Ginger Aid - it's deliciously spicy and sweet, and soothing on my tummy after mealtime.

It was so much fun to take the quick quiz (which is also aesthetically quite lovely), learn my results, and then receive a custom package that included the teas that coincide with my quiz results.  And now 3 of you are going to get to do the same - because Traditional Medicinals is giving 3 Bubby and Bean readers each a personalized selection of teas that match your unique Plant Personality!

To enter, just take the Plant Personality Quiz, then leave a comment below telling me your plant personality! 

Once you've completed the mandatory entry above, you can also gain one additional entry for each of the following.  (*Please list each extra entry in a SEPARATE comment in order for it to count).
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This giveaway will run through April 24th and is open to all Bubby and Bean readers. The winner will be randomly chosen and announced shortly after. (Important: Please make sure to check back and/or leave a way to contact you in your initial entry.) Good luck!

Thank you to Traditional Medicinals for providing the prizes for this sponsored giveaway.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Favorite Jeans for Spring

The Best Jeans for Spring 2014 // Bubby and Bean

Want to know a secret?  I haven't worn a pair of jeans since before I got pregnant (which was over a year ago), aside from one pair of maternity jeans that I wore less times than I can count on one hand.  Maybe I'm being a little dramatic in calling it a secret, but really, it's kind of odd that something that was once a wardrobe staple for me has become nonexistent in my closet.  These days you can usually find me in either a dress or an oversized tee and leggings.  (I may have gotten just a little too comfortable in the leggings uniform during the pregnancy, as it's sort of stuck.)  I had a couple of pairs of trusty skinnies that I wore constantly before getting pregnant, but alas, they just don't fit me the same now that I've had a baby.  So jean-less I have become.

Now that spring is here, I'm feeling an urge to get back into a good pair.  I'm envisioning a soft white tee, layered necklaces, loads of rings on my fingers, a brown floppy hat or grey beanie, some simple strappy sandals, and a great pair of denim jeans.  I have it in my head and I'm determined to make it happen. So I've set out on a search for the pair that will become my go-to's.  The styles you see above are my favorite finds so far.  The cuts, fits, washes are different (as are the price points), but they each have the potential to become my new wardrobe staple pair, perfect for springtime.   I'm especially a fan of #1 from True Religion Brand Jeans and #6 from J.Crew.  Both are equal parts casual and chic, and perfect for springtime.

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans for spring (or any time of the year)?  Which of the pairs above do you think I should get? 

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