Friday, July 22, 2016

My Favorite Picks from Nordstrom's Huge Sale

Top Picks from Nordstrom's Huge Anniversary Sale
1. BP Cargo Anorak Jacket $44.90 (after sale $68)   //   2. Madewell Garment Dye Cotton Shirtdress $91.90 (after sale $138)   //   3. Free People Crossover Sweater $58.90 (after sale $88)   //   4. Pendleton Hooded Wool Cape $289.90 (after sale $435)   //   5. BP Stripe Long Sleeve Crew Neck $17.90 (after sale $28)   //   6. Socialite Cowl Neck Shift Dress (available in 10 colors!) $24.90 (after sale $38)   //   7. Madewell Denim Shirtdress $98.90 (after sale $148)  //  8. BP Destroyed Black Skinny Jeans $40.90 (after sale $62)   //   9. Rag & Bone Wide Brim Wood Fedora $129.90 (after sale $195)   //  10. Betsey Johnson Mixed Media Faux Shearling Jacket $149.90 (after sale $228)   //   11. Rag & Bone 'Dre' Distressed Slim Boyfriend Jeans $149.90 (after sale $225)   //   12. Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Julian Backpack $254.90 (after sale $425)  //  13. Agate Collar Necklace $39.90 (after sale $68)   //   14. Argento Vivo Triangle Earrings $24.90 (after sale $38)   //   15. Kate Spade Bitsy Fringe Bootie $149.90 (after sale $258)   //  16. Hunter Original Refined Rain Boot $129.90 (after sale $195)   //   17. TOMS Classic Linen Slip-Ons $49.50 (after sale $68.50)   //  18. Sk8 Hi Slim' Slip-On Sneaker $42.90 (after sale $64.95)

I don't usually get too excited about big sales, especially lately while we're house hunting and I'm making an effort to be especially frugal. But when Nordstrom has their huge annual anniversary sale, you just don't ignore it. Nordstrom is one of my favorite retailers (any big brand store that carries independent designers and refuses to open on Thanksgiving so their employees can spend the holiday with their families is automatically top notch in my book), and this sale is a big deal, guys. In case you're not familiar, during the sale (which starts today!) brand new arrivals are offered to consumers at super sale prices. From beauty products to jewelry and accessories to clothing and shoes to kids items to home goods, there are hundreds and hundreds of new items available at hugely discounted prices. When the sale event comes to an end, all items return to their regular prices. So these aren't end-of-season or overstock items they're trying to get rid of. They are brand new items from their fall lines on sale for a very limited time. It is, by far and away, the best time to snag new goodies at majorly discounted prices. And because I adore this sale oh so much, I decided to share it with all of you. This isn't a sponsored post. I just love this sale, man.

The items you see above are the ones I am specifically eyeing (and have been eyeing for weeks, thanks to their pre-sale previews). Some are way out of my price range, but hey, I can still look at them, right? I'm going to treat myself to a couple of the more realistically price items, although I'm still not able to completely narrow it down. I need to get on it though - I don't want to miss out.

Who else is taking advantage of the best sale of the year? Any other Nordstrom fans in the house?


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summa, Summa, Summatime

I thought I'd keep things laid back today and just as I did last month, share a few quick pics we've snapped with our phones of our family enjoying summertime. I love this time of year with all my heart, and watching through my kids' eyes makes it even more incredible to me. If only I had the capabilities to slow it down a little...

I hope you're all enjoying your summers as much as we are. As always, you can come hang out with us on our summertime adventures on Instagram and Snapchat (both under user name bubbyandbean).


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Moving Inspiration: Our House Hunting Reality

1. Waiting on Martha (the typographic light alone was reason for me to choose this one) //  2. Domino Mag  //  3. The Glitter Guide  //  4. Gravity Home  //  5. The Style Files  //  6. Domino Mag  //  7. The Fox & She  //  8.  Her Paperweight  //  9. UO  //  10. found here; anyone know original source?

It's been a couple of months since our last post in the Moving Inspiration series. And while this may in part be due to the fact that, well, we're sort of running out of rooms to feature, it's also simply a result of my own personal frustration with the house hunting process. Our situation is unique because of Robbie's and my jobs (he is gone half the year, and I work from home with two very young children). In other words, we don't have the time to devote to a fixer upper, as amazing as that would be for my design-loving, DIY-brained self. But we also live in an area where newer homes that suit our needs in terms of size and space are out of our price range for the most part. While we could potentially move to an entirely different place, this is an area that we love, and after spending many many years living all over the country, it is a place I know I really want to stay to raise our children. Top that with the fact that we took several months off over the winter when I was having pregnancy related issues and then when we had a newborn, and it just feels like there's been a lot of obstacles since we started this process almost a year ago. We've reached a point where we are still actively looking everyday, but have stopped stressing about finding something immediately. We do need to move sooner than later, especially as Emmett approaches an age where he'll be walking (our current place just isn't big enough for two little ones on the move). But we've had to sort of trust in the universe that something will eventually come along. Admittedly, this may not be the most realistic way to approach things, but it's just where we are right now, and we're trying to stay positive about it. (Because in the end, no matter what happens, there are way, way bigger things to worry about in the current state of the world than finding the right house to buy.)

All of this said, I feel like it's important for me to stay inspired during this process, even if things aren't going how we wish they were. So for today's installment, rather than focusing on specific room designs I love as in the past (see here: dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, home offices/studios, bedroomsliving rooms, and kids' rooms), I'm just sharing a good ol' hodgepodge (pretty sure that is the first time I've ever used that word, but it fits) of spaces I've come across recently that I love and that keep me motivated to plan decorating our future home, when it finally transpires. I think you guys know my style pretty well by this point, so there's no real need to break these spaces down. I love them all, for different reasons, but mainly because they just feel very "us." I'm going to keep looking at them, and the other spaces featured in this series so far, and manifest the best house ever just magically appearing for us. Seems like a legit way to go about it, right?

I'll keep you posted...


Monday, July 18, 2016

Our Babywearing Experience

Tracking Pixel

I have vague but endearing childhood memories of carrying my dolls and stuffed animals around in a backpack with their heads peeking out, in an effort to emulate my parents, who consistently wore my little sister in a 1980s version of a baby carrier. They wore me as a baby as well. We experienced daily life this way - we ran errands, took walks, went to the park, did chores, and visited with friends. When I got pregnant with Essley a few years ago, I couldn't wait to wear her. And while some things worked and some didn't with her, and more recently with Emmett as well, babywearing has ultimately been an incredible bonding experience. It has also been a pretty freaking fantastic way to actually be able to get things done, if we're being real here. Today I'm teaming up once again with my friends at Ergobaby to share our personal experience with wearing our babes - from the types of things we do and places we go while babywearing to the benefits we've experienced to the details of our favorite carrier.

For me, wearing my babies felt like second nature mainly because I just didn't want to put them down - but how I wore them didn't go exactly as planned. I had stocked up on wraps, slings, and carriers galore, thanks to gracious friends who gifted us and/or handed them down. I envisioned wearing Essley in every way possible, parading her down the street all perfectly boho in babywearing devices that accessorized my outfits. In the end, it was, of course, ultimately up to her, not me - and girlfriend just wasn't a fan of wraps or slings. She did, however, love the Ergobaby Original Baby Carrier we had, first with the Infant Insert, and then alone as she grew. (And even as a very independent two and a half year old who likes to walk on her own when we're out and about, we still wear Essley on occasion.) When Emmett came along, I knew that he could potentially be just as picky as his sister, but he ended up liking both wraps and the Ergobaby Carrier. When he was a couple of months old and we got the Ergobaby ADAPT, he preferred that most of the time (and it didn't need an infant insert; more on that later in the post). So while the babywearing experience I anticipated when pregnant for the first time has been different in reality, it's still been wonderful, because both kids have loved it - and we have as well.

I mentioned above some of the places my parents wore my sister and me as babes and some of the things we did - and to be able to do so many of the same things with my own kids has been so, so great. Just as my family did when I was little, we take a lot of walks. And while the stroller is good for that as well, there is just something about being able to hold Emmett close while we're outside exploring together that both Robbie and I love. The four of us spend a lot of time at the park too (another place that brings back memories of my own childhood). When Robbie has breaks from the band's tour and I'm working full days, the park is their favorite hang. The three of them can spend hours there, with him wearing Emmett while Essley plays (or more accurately, releases some of her intensely wild toddler energy). I also have fond recollections of shopping with my own mama while she wore my baby sister, and this is something I love doing with my little ones as well - something I honestly didn't think I'd ever be able to do anymore once I had two kids. It's absolutely blissful to be able to experience so many of the same places and activities while babywearing that my parents did. I'm truly grateful for that. I'm also grateful (like, eternally grateful) that wearing my babes - especially now that I also have a toddler with whom to contend on the daily - allows me to get stuff done. I can clean. I can garden. I can run errands. I can even work. My arms are free to be productive, but I'm also holding my baby close. And that, as my mom has always said about being able to do the same with us as babies, is a gift.

In addition to the convenience factor (being able to easily go places and get things accomplished as a family when babywearing is pretty fantastic, after all), there are countless other benefits. Especially during the newborn months, keeping your baby close through practices like babywearing strengthens the bond between parents and babe. This can even continue into toddlerhood! Babywearing also allows for easy breastfeeding almost anywhere (I love, love, love nursing Emmett while he's in his carrier), and can increase milk production. Infants who are carried tend to cry less because their innate needs are being met. Babywearing decreases the risk of both plagiocephaly ("flat head syndrome") and SIDS. It also helps to establish balance, and aids in neural development and respiratory and gastrointestinal health. Pretty great right? And aside from all of the studies that show how beneficial babywearing is, it's just a really enjoyable thing to experience - both for the baby and the parent. To me, that is the greatest benefit of all.

No matter what (or how many, if you're anything like I was with Essley) babywearing accessories you try out for your individual little ones, you will likely end up with a favorite. I told you earlier about how when Emmett was just a couple of months old, we got an Ergobaby ADAPT. Within a matter of days, this became our go-to carrier. The ADAPT is Ergobaby's first insert-less baby carrier to carry your baby in an ergonomic spread-squat, "M-shape" position - from birth all the way to toddler. And this thing is so, so easy to use you guys. Only a few small adjustments need to be made to adapt it to your growing little one, and it allows for three (yes, three!) positions - front inward, back, and hip carry. (We carry Emmett in the front inward position and Essley in the back positions - and now that Emmett is six months old we can't wait to start carrying him in the hip carry position as well.) The Ergobaby ADAPT also has new comfort features for parents, including crossable shoulder straps and a lumbar support waistbelt. It is truly the gold standard for babywearing (and toddler wearing!) in my opinion. We use it every single day, and we don't leave home without it. It's also one of the top products I've been consistently recommending to all of my pregnant friends and friends with babies.

Thank you for letting me tell you guys all about our babywearing experience (and allowing me to go on and on about all of the details, from how/where we babywear to what's worked and hasn't to our personal favorite carrier!). Just like with the swaddling and breastfeeding journeys I've shared here over the past few months, the babywearing adventure is one of those things that I most cherish as parent, because it's something I profoundly enjoy that won't last forever.

I would absolutely love to hear about your babywearing experiences as well! What is your favorite place to wear your little one? What is your favorite babywearing product? Who else has an Ergobaby ADAPT?

This post is in partnership with Ergobaby. Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Bubby and Bean possible.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Color Love // Summer Neutrals

Summertime Neutrals
1. Zana Maxi Dress, Moorea Seal  //  2. Naomi Double Finger Ring, Kendra Scott  //  3. Linen Tank, H&M  //  4. Penny Leather Slingback Sandal, Urban Outfitters  //  5. Embroidered San Vicente Top, JM Drygoods  //  6. Claire Velvet Choker Necklace, Urban Outfitters  //  7. 7. Sunny Cher Sunnies, Free People  //  8. Lyocell Shorts, H&M   //  9. Mini Geo Bandeau Bikini Top and Bikini Bottom, J.Crew Factory   

Last week, I received a snap on Snapchat from a reader saying she missed our Color Love posts. And while I knew it had been a while since our last one, I didn't realize just how few and far between they'd become. (There have been a total of two of them in the last year, and we used to do them monthly.) And while I haven't been especially crushing on any particular colors lately, I have been representing my love for black, white, and grey pretty well this summer. I think we all tend to think of bright colors this time of year, and while I love hints of sunny yellow and fiery reds and watery turquoise in the summertime, I still tend to wear mostly neutrals. So this seemed like the perfect time to change things up a little, and share some of my current favorite picks in all three of these tones. (And yes, I realize #5 contains colors. But how could I not include such a gorgeous top?)

Who else gravitates toward mostly neutrals in the summer months? What colors do you wear most this time of year?