Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Our 2023 Family Holiday Cards

Postable Holiday Cards

Those of you who have been Bubby and Bean blog readers (or Instagram followers) for a while know how much I love sending holiday cards. I am such a holiday card lover that I have kept every single holiday card I've ever received, dating back to age 10. Does that make me a hoarder? Perhaps. But I just can't get rid of them.

And just like I've stayed loyal to my holiday card collection, I've stayed loyal to my favorite card company, Postable, for the last 9 years since I first discovered them. They have an incredible variety of gorgeous, fun, cool design, but there is something unique about them that really sets them apart. (Pssst. I have a pretty major discount for you, from Postable, at the bottom of this post!)

Postable Holiday Cards
Postable Holiday Cards

You've probably heard me gush about Postable before, and just like in years part, I wanted to make sure you know you know that this isn't a paid review. It's a trade. The give me the best cards ever and I share my thoughts about them with all of you, but I would buy and send their cards regardless. Their cards are top quality, they have the best selection, they're fully customizable, and they're 100% post-consumer recycled and/or tree-free 100%. But the thing that really sets them apart is the fact that 
in addition to printing your cards, they stuff the envelopes, they address them, they stamp them, and they mail them all for you. They do it all.

Postable Holiday Cards
Postable 2023 Holiday Cards
Postable 2023 Holiday Cards

Another thing I've told you before that deserves repeating is that the people at Postable are genuinely nice humans too. So nice that they're giving you 20% off your entire order with code BEAN23. Head over to their site right now and take advantage of this goodness. Happy holiday card season!

This post is in collaboration with Postable


Wednesday, October 11, 2023

50 Timeless Halloween Costume Ideas

Family Halloween Costumes Wizard of Oz

It's time for our annual "favorite classic Halloween costume" ideas post! As a fan of simple, classic Halloween costumes, I've been sharing this list for years, each time with updates and new additions. 

My kids are getting older and the days of them dressing up as pumpkins and black cats and witches are behind us. It's all about the trendy character costumes (sometimes with a gory take) for them these days, but my classic costume loving heart will always appreciate the years when they opted for the simple costumes. 

Scroll down for our most recent list of over fifty timeless costume ideas.

Addams Family Halloween Costumes
Classic Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids
50 Classic Halloween Costume Ideas
Wizard of Oz Family Halloween Costume
Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Classic Halloween Costume Ideas  
  • 1920s themed
  • 1950s themed
  • 1960s themed
  • 1970s themed
  • Alien
  • Angel
  • Ballerina
  • Bat
  • Baseball/Football/Basketball Player
  • Bear
  • Black Cat
  • Bumblebee 
  • Butterfly
  • Cheerleader
  • Circus themed
  • Classic Disney Characters
  • Classic 'Scary' Film/TV Characters (Addams Family, The Muensters, etc.)
  • Classic Star Wars Characters
  • Clown
  • Devil
  • Dinosaur
  • Doctor or Nurse
  • Dog
  • Dracula
  • Dragon
  • Fairy
  • Frankenstein
  • Genie
  • Ghost
  • Gypsy
  • Hippie
  • Ladybug
  • Lion
  • Mermaid
  • Mime
  • Monkey
  • Monster
  • Mouse
  • Mummy
  • Pirate
  • Princess or Prince 
  • Pumpkin
  • Robber/Jailbird
  • Robot
  • Shark
  • Scarecrow
  • Skeleton
  • Superhero  
  • Vampire 
  • Western themed
  • Witch
  • Wizard of Oz themed
  • Woodland Animal themed

Happy spooky season!


Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Fall Giveaway: $250 Gift Card to Gaia Conceptions!

Fall Eco-Friendly Clothing Giveaway

I am not one of those people who starts up with the pumpkin spice in August. In fact, I don’t accept summer's end until the autumn equinox. But I do like thinking about fall fashion, and as I see the stores begin to fill their racks with autumn attire, I feel especially inspired to support small, women owned designers and clothing lines like our long time partner and friend Gaia Conceptions!

This month, I’m excited to be teaming up once again to offer one lucky Bubby and Bean follower a $250 gift card to grab some of Gaia Conceptions’ gorgeous, custom made, sustainable clothing for fall! (Scroll down to enter!)

Gaia Conceptions offers a wide variety of beautiful eco-friendly clothing and accessory items, all designed and made by hand in the USA. Ordering their clothing is a truly customized experience - you choose color, fabric, and size. They're the best!

Fall Giveaway: $250 Gift Card to Gaia Conceptions!
Fall Giveaway: $250 Gift Card to Gaia Conceptions!
Fall Giveaway: $250 Gift Card to Gaia Conceptions!
Gaia Conceptions Sustainable Fashion

Use the form below, and/or do the easy entry on on Instagram right here. There are several options for extra entries as well.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will run through the end of this Saturday September 9th, 2023. It is open to Bubby and Bean readers worldwide. All entries from the Rafflecopter form above and Instagram will be combined. A winner will be randomly chosen and announced here by end of day the following Monday.

Thank you to our friends at Gaia Conceptions for giving Bubby and Bean followers a chance to own some of their gorgeous apparel!  


Thursday, August 24, 2023

Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail

Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail

First of all, I want to point out the obvious: that this blog has been severely neglected this summer. I've been active on Instagram (and even Facebook and TikTok and yes, Threads, here and there), but with blogs feeling a bit like dinosaurs in the modern world of social media, this admittedly falls to the wayside. 

I'm hoping this delicious summertime cocktail recipe with make up for it though! As summer winds down, I'm trying to squeeze in as much as I can, including this yummy drink. This uses my favorite organic mix to cut down on prep time, but you can replace the sweet and sour mix with fresh squeezed lemonade if you desire. 

Strawberry Lemonade Cocktail

4 oz Sweet & Sour Mix (I love Agalima Organic)
2 oz vodka
lemon (half for juice, half for garnish)
5-6 strawberries

Muddle 3-4 strawberries and place in a glass. Add ice. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, mix the juice of half a lemon, sweet and sour mix, and vodka. Pour over ice in glass. Add a few strawberry and lemon slices for garnish. (You can also omit the vodka for a delightful mocktail!)