Monday, December 20, 2010

Bedazzlin' with the Girls

Ann-E choosing jewels for the Bedazzler
This morning the boyfriend and I flew to Austin to spend a few days celebrating the holidays with his family. As soon as we arrived at his brother's house, his adorable nieces, Ann-E (8) and Elli (6), brought me upstairs for arts/crafts fun. We all drew Christmas wreaths, then Ann-E pulled out the Bedazzler and showed Auntie Melissa how to embellish a pair of jeans.
Ann-E skillfully embellishing the back pockets of Elli's jeans
Elli modeling Ann-E's creations

I can't wait to give them their super artsy project Christmas gifts! 



  1. This is so cute. Future designers in training1

  2. Talented little ladies! I need to get my little one a bedazzeler!


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