Sunday, December 5, 2010

just like mama

I just came across this beautiful holiday card that my mom, Melanie, designed in the early 70s for a little company she owned at the time called Raspberry Graphics. I absolutely adore the concept of the little girl stringing popcorn and the overall detail of the illustration (and the pea green textured paper is amazing!). My mom is ridiculously talented, and thanks to her, my little sister and I grew up drawing, painting, designing, sewing and participating in some sort of creative project on a daily basis.
Like mama, I design greeting cards as part of the Bubby & Bean Art line. But what I didn't realize until a recent conversation with her is that Raspberry Graphics was named after and inspired by Razzie, the Cairn Terrier she had during that time. In case you haven't read the story of Bubby & Bean, my line of art is named after/inspired by my dog, Leary (who I nicknamed "Bubby" when he was a pup). I love this connection!

I'll definitely be sharing more of Melanie's art and design work in future posts.



  1. Oh my gosh I love that Christmas card! So cute!

  2. mary-lynne macklinDecember 06, 2010 1:29 AM

    you and your mom should collaborate on a card line. i would be your biggest customer!


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