Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bubby Owns This House: Pets-Being-Human Art

It's true.  Bubby owns this house.  Perhaps he doesn't own it, literally, but he definitely thinks he's in charge.  (We kind of do too). 
'I Own This House' Hand-painted Sign by Bubby & Bean
It's fairly obvious by my artwork (and perhaps the inspiration behind/name of this blog as well) that I'm a huge animal lover.  I'm also a big fan of artwork that showcases pets in roles as kings/queens of the castle.  Even those who aren't the fondest of furry creatures can appreciate the humor in observing these beasts, well, being human.
Left:  Afghan Hound Print by Painting Portraits
Right: 'Oh to Live On Sugar Mountain' Print by 3Crows
Left: Boston Terrier Hat Print by Beantown Handmade
Right: Rockoon Print by Water Bears

'Old Dog Daydream' Print by Bubby & Bean
Left: 'Red Fox' Print by Berkley Illustration
Right: 'Sun and Friends' by Krize
melissa (& bubby, of course)


  1. Hahaha, I love all of these! SO cute! My cat totally thinks she's human. LOVE!

  2. My dog Isabelle would look super cute in the hat in the illustration above :). Love this collection of art, would like to have every piece in my house!



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