Friday, January 28, 2011

Inspiration for the Weekend: Sunshine and Relaxation

Happy Friday!  I've had such a busy week catching up and am just now getting around to looking at the hundreds of photographs we took on our trip to Mexico with the boyfriend's band last week. As promised, here are just a few of them that I found especially fun and/or pretty.  If you live somewhere bitter cold like I do (Chicago is in the 20s right now!), I hope these will provide you with some sunshine and warmth-filled inspiration for your weekend.

I'm still daydreaming about all of the beautiful things we saw while in Mexico. Everything was so vibrant and warm. I'm officially counting down the days until spring.



  1. These pictures are amazing!!! I have to confess I'm a little jealous of your life lol. Really beautiful!


  2. Thank you! It was kind of funny at the Ruins because we were taking shots of absolutely everything we found beautiful, and people kept approaching us thinking we'd spotted some sort of rare animal or object ;). So much fun!



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