Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Become a Bubby & Bean Sponsor!

Happy March everybody! The sun decided to make an appearance here in Chicago yesterday which made me so excited for spring to finally arrive. I'm also excited to announce that Bubby & Bean is now accepting new sponsors! Read on for more info...

BUBBY & BEAN: LIVING CREATIVELY is an affordable, effective way to advertise your small business, blog, or Etsy shop.  We have a wonderful group of readers who are creative spirits interested in design, fashion, art, vintage, travel, weddings, DIY projects, and eco-friendly living.

We offer TWO SIZES of ads on Bubby & Bean:

These ads are rotated once a week for optimal exposure.  If you don't have a banner, we can design one for you.  Discounts are also offered on ads purchased for three month periods. 


BLOG: Since we began in November of 2010, our daily readership has grown at an incredible rate and continues to grow. In the past month alone, Bubby & Bean received nearly 14,000 page views and our number of subscribers has tripled. 

TWITTER: We have over 3,700 followers on Twitter, and tweet several times a day about new Bubby & Bean content.

FACEBOOK:  Between our combined Mountains of the Moon page and Bubby & Bean Art page, we have nearly 3,500 fans and growing.  The Bubby & Bean Blog is linked onto both of these pages, and we frequently post status updates with links to this site.

Ready to join the Bubby & Bean team, or have questions?  Please feel free to contact us for rates or more information.


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