Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Desert Beauty: Day Trip Inspiration

Throughout my many travels over the years, it's become my mission to capture unique characteristics of whatever city (or country) I've visiting on (usually digital) film, and to bring those photos home and use them as a source of new inspiration to create.  Although it rained during much of my 36-hour jaunt to Arizona, I still managed to snap as many photographs as I could.

My inspiration there became the stunning variety of cactus and succulents that I simply can't find when I look out my window in Chicago.  The earthy, muted colors of the desert and sharp, grainy textures of the plants were striking, and as soon as I'm caught up on sleep, I plan on pulling out the colored pencils and sketching some new designs I have swirling in my head.

For those of you who don't live in the southwest and aren't able to surround yourself with the stunning beauty of the desert on a daily basis, I hope these images bring you some inspiration as well!


It's Birthday Week around here, and our very own Bubby turned 15 today!  I have a special video post in the works capturing the magic of the many years I've been lucky enough to spend with this absolutely amazing creature.  Stay tuned...  (Update:  You can now watch the video tribute right here.)


  1. Yay! I was hoping that you would post some photos from your trip. It sounds like it was a great time even though it was short.

    Jess :-)

    Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBY! He doesn't look 15! He's adorable!!!

  2. What beautiful photos! I love cacti, I have been meaning to get one since I tend to kill plants that require water daily.

    And happy birthday to your pooch! Hope he has many years ahead of him :)

  3. Your pictures are always beautiful... and inspiring! You're so good at capturing whatever you're photographing from the perfect angle... I've never been to Arizona, although it is on my list, so hopefully someday! :)
    I hope Bubby is having a very happy birthday!

  4. Awesome pics! I especially like that second one..it looks like it is glowing from the inside..wouldn't it be great inspiration for a lamp?? If I made lamps?? Always more ideas than time or skills allow! Thanks for sharing!

  5. wow 15!? happy birthday leary!

    and those are gorgeous photos of the cactii :)

  6. I loved going to the cactus garden in Arizona. The variety is just incredible.

  7. Wow, what a cool idea to get inspiration from every place you visit! I should start trying that :)

    Your photos are awesome! I can't wait to see what you create from your inspiration!

  8. Those are gorgeous! Living in Canada, I doubt I'll ever get a chance to see that sort of beauty myself. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Just found your lovely blog through the etsy blog team.

    I haven't traveled much but one place I've always wanted to visit is Arizona. Your pics are beautiful and make me want to go even more! Being from the Great White North, it would be pretty cool to see cacti instead of snow ;)

  10. Very inspiring pics!

    Happy birthday, too! I am a big dog lover!


  11. yes very inspiring! & happy late birthday pup & stuff :)

  12. Happy birthday Bubby!!! (We have a doppleganger of Bubby's buddy in the 2004 photo memory)
    I too love succulents, xo

  13. Thanks so much everyone! I can't wait to go back, hopefully for a little longer this time. It really is an inspiring place.


  14. beautiful pictures! thank you so much for sharing those.


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