Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Morning Daydreams

Today I happened to be inspired by...

1. Vividly colored houses in Manarolo, Italy. (source)  2. Orla Kiely's spring/summer 2011 collection, yes please. 2. The Polaroid One Step, which I think would go quite nicely in my ever-growing vintage and antique camera collection.  3. A very clever print ad for a radio station in Slovakia.  4. This vibrant yellow and turquoise photograph. 5. Sketchbook dessert plates and pretty patterned teacups. 6. Bright red Volkswagen Buses parked next to brilliant blue oceans. (source)   

If you haven't figured it out yet, the theme of today's Saturday Morning Daydreams is color.  I feel like spring is giving me little kisses right now, with hints of sunshine, the occasional warm breeze, and an extra hour of daylight starting tomorrow (my favorite part!).  Next up will be bits of color peeking through the brown and gray, so I decided to pay tribute with a post full of colorful inspiration for your weekend.

Happy Saturday!

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  1. I love them all... Thank you for brightening my morning!

  2. Oh my goodness those houses are so pretty! And that print ad is awesome. They're all amazing. Saturday Morning Daydreams is my favorite post every week (:


  3. I'm so ready for spring and an extra hour of sunshine tomorrow! I adore this little collection of pictures... especially the VW bus - I've always wanted one :)

  4. I can't even believe that colorful town is real! It looks like a place you'd dream about. How outrageously beautiful. I love all the bright colors in your post!

  5. Great images! I love Orla Kiely too and that radio station poster is so cool.

  6. I have to say, the first photo reminded me immediately of the little village in the movie: How to Tame a Dragon! (Cute flick!)

    I know how you feel though. I just created a colourful piece for a challenge too.

  7. i am printing out this post & tacking it up in my office! this embodies the concepts of color in design in so many ways! beautiful & inspiring.


  8. Yay spring! What a pretty post! Those colored houses are gorgeous; I need to go there!

  9. These are all so good!!!
    You should start a link up with Saturday Morning Daydreams.
    With a theme or not....


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