Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Daydreams

If I concentrate hard enough, maybe when I open my closet I'll
see these to-die-for tunics and rompers from aiguille et fil 
I'm thinking this houndstooth tea towel
would look devine in my kitchen.
Mesmerized by this super cool art print.
I'm pretty sure I could make good use of this
oh-so-lovely Made by Hank bag.
It may seem silly for me to be daydreaming of one of my own
art prints, but I've noticed myself glancing at it an awful
lot this past week.  I think I like the reminder that
creativity is indeed for the brave and strong!
Dear gorgeous locket by Verabel, I promise to love you
for all eternity if you'll just be mine.

Yes lovely readers, this week's Saturday Morning Daydreams is all about geometric patterns.  There's something about bold, minimalistic shapes positioned just so that feels energizing.  The fiance (yes, he's finally home from tour!) and I are going on a mad estate sale adventure today, and I have geometric goodness on the mind.  I'll let you know what I find.  And may these pretty geometry-without-the-homework finds bring some inspiration to your weekend as well.

(Pssst!  You can check out past editions of Saturday Morning Daydreams right here.) 


Bubby and Bean is one one of many thousands of businesses and organizations, along with millions of individuals, who will be participating in Earth Hour tonight.  If you're not familiar with Earth Hour, it is an annual event that makes a powerful statement in an incredibly simple way. At 8:30 PM, lights will switch off around the globe to conserve energy and show a commitment to living a more sustainable lifestyle. To participate, all you have to do is turn off all lights in your home or business for one hour at 8:30 PM (regardless of time zone). You can read more about Earth Hour and the millions of participants worldwide on their website.


  1. I lOve that fox print and I also love that pendant...I know Ive seen it on etsy before! Pretty pretty picks!

  2. LOVE all of this! I want that Creativity Takes Courage print and those awesome geometric outfits! I LOVE SATURDAY MORNING DAYDREAMS :-)


  3. Great stuff, I think my favorites are the pendant and the outfit on the top right.

  4. p.s. I love the new header/blog layout! Gorgeous!!!

  5. I love your finds. Very pretty. Go Earth Hour!

  6. That teatowel is absolutely you think I could sew some together and make a dress?! Great collage of pics.

    Mgt x

  7. please follow my new blog on

    xoxo'maria! :)

  8. Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! Margaret, I bet you could totally do that! It would be like cute tea towel patchwork. :)



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