Monday, April 4, 2011

let's go adventuring

Robbie and I leave today for a road trip, and although its purpose is a sad occasion, I'm feeling a little nostalgic for my gypsy-esque past.  The day after I graduated from college, I loaded up my Ford Escort with everything I owned and hit the open road, Colorado bound.  I called Colorado my home base for a while, but spent the majority of my time over the next few years traveling.  Most often I didn't even have a destination, I just went.  These days I tend to go the airplane route, but there was something about the beautiful, limitless uncertainty of getting in a car and going wherever the road decided to take me that I'll always miss.

For my fellow wanderlusters, I hope these images provide you with inspiration (or perhaps, like me, blissful memories).

Image sources from top: here, here/here, here, here, here, & here.


  1. Oh, Melissa. This brought tears to my eyes, because I could picture you and the car and our collective beautiful naivete getting into that car to Colorado to meet our future. And our husbands.

    Have a wonderful trip--meaning I hope you find peace and solace.


  2. I'm so sorry for your loss Melissa.
    I haven't been on a road trip in quite some time, but I have always had the urge to just get in my car and see where I end up. Your pictures are beautiful and inspiring, just like you:)

  3. I'm sorry that you're traveling for a sad reason, but on another note, I must say I am with you on the wanderlust. I hope the road trip brings you some peace and comfort.

  4. I am also sorry that you are traveling for a sad reason, but yeah - totally feeling the road trip pangs. I love the "Let's go Anywhere" print. That is so my mindset right now.

  5. That was like conditioner for the hair of my brain : )

  6. Oh, this makes me want to pack my bags and take off! I love the Keri Smith explorer mission statement too. One of my favorites:)

  7. What a beautiful post! Reminds me of my days as a roamer too. I don't miss those long car hours but do miss getting to see things along the way. There's nothing quite like it! Sending lots of love while you're paying your respects today. You are an amazing lady!


  8. This post makes me want to get out of town! Happy trails to you!

  9. I sorry that the occasion has to be so sad. I hope you are able to revel in the ride despite and remember the beauty in our world.

  10. I hope you have a good trip even if it's not the happiest of times. After the photos you posted, now I wanna go on a road trip too!

  11. Cute, creative and well designed! Love the graphics ;-) Adding this to my must follow list!



  12. Thank you all so much for your thoughts :). The trip was difficult but beautiful, sad but hopeful, heartbreaking but full of love. Todd was an amazing person and it was a such a wonderful experience to see just how many people really loved him (and of course, to be there for Robbie). We both really tried to pay attention to the beauty of the countryside as we drove there - something I tend to ignore in my rush to get from place to place these days.



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