Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project 365: Oh How We Tried

Back on 1/1/11, when I was all aglow with post-proposal bliss and the thrill of a brand new year in front of me, I did something that I have a tenancy to do quite often: I took on another project.  This new project sounded fairly simple and non time consuming, and involved taking pictures (something Robbie and I adore, and do on a regular basis anyway).  Things went along quite swimmingly for our Project 365, and as of today, we've followed through with taking a brand new picture every single day.

Unfortunately, as successful as we've been at snapping new shots on a daily basis, we eventually discovered the part of this project that proved quite challenging for us:  actually uploading these photographs.  Yes, that extra 30 seconds it takes to upload a photograph became a non-priority among the madness of my daily 'to do' lists.  As I'm sure my fellow creative/overachiever types know, when you take on too many projects, and you fall behind on one of these projects, this little thing occurs called the snowball effect. And suddenly there you are, left with a monumental project where a tiny one once was. 

I told Robbie last night that I thought it was time to admit to ourselves that between my blog, eco-fashion company, line of art, the wedding, and his job (which keeps him away on the road half the year), Project 365 just didn't seem in the cards for us this year.  He agreed, which made me sad ("but babe, you're supposed to say 'no, we can do it!' ").  He had a great suggestion, however, which was that we still continue to take the daily photos, and then choose our favorite from each week to feature.  I'd noticed some of my blogger friends were doing Project 52 (a photo a week rather than a photo a day), and realistically, this seems like a much better bet for us at this time.

That said, welcome to the shiny + new version of Project 365 here at Bubby & Bean, which will thus forward be titled Project 52.  For this post, I'm including a few of our favorites from the past weeks instead of just one - you know, to ease the transition and all.

Photo 1: Robbie's dad's amazing restored bicycle collection.
Photo 2: Pretty scenery shot from our Arizona trip.
Photo 3: Robbie's band was playing Madison, and he snuck away for a few minutes to the protests at the capital building.
Photo 4:  My vintage shop find of the year: a gorgeous, pristine condition 1940s red velvet purse for $5.  Yes, $5.

Is anyone else doing a Project 52 or similar photo-journal project?  And for those of you rocking Project 365, how is it coming along?

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  1. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to tell yourself no. I am still looking forward to seeing the photos. Hello, Project 52!

  2. You guys are such talented photographers and I can't wait to see your pictures, once a week or otherwise! :-) Lovvvve that velvet purse, good score!


  3. great photos! I tried the 365, too, and didn't keep up after #50 or so. I was doing most of the uploading thru my blogger app but then realized it was sizing them all wonky and then adding a stupid ad and a link.

    I've been thinking about the 52 week project. But I'm also considering a total re-do of my photo blog. So...let's just say it's a forgotten project for now :)

  4. I've really enjoyed seeing all your awesome project365 photos, but project52 sounds good too! I don't know how you do it all as it is!

  5. Oh, I so can relate to all of this! I did do a self portrait 365 and was on top of it until ... wow ... the last 2 1/2 weeks? I still need to finish it off and that was 10 months ago? (The pictures are somewhere on my laptop ...)

    I find the creating fun but not the organizing. I also struggle with knowing when to soldier on, sticking with a commitment and when it is something I should let go of ... seems like you've hit upon the right solution for your project. I love your images and am off to explore some more!

    so nice to connect with you.
    xo Lis

  6. Great photos! I'm right there with you, Melissa. I have been trying to take more shots of everyday life, not necessarily 365, but on a regular basis, and I've gotten way behind. I'm actually planning a post for Monday with "scenes from life" photos, just snapshots of every day goings on. Maybe your project 52 will motivate me to stick with it:)

  7. Love that photo of the bicycles! It's so easy to get excited about a project and then let the busyness of life interfer. I hope the project 52 works better for you!

  8. heavens no melissa, i can't set goals (blah)! sometimes knowing when to say no is the best thing for you, ya know?

  9. Thanks you guys. :) It's definitely a small weight lifted with everything else I have going on! I'm excited to share my now Project 52 photos in the upcoming weeks!



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