Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Morning Daydreams

I kind of want to do this in my living room.  Amazing.

Could these felt mixtape pouches and iPhone cases by Brave Moonman be any cuter?

Vintage suitcase + boombox = Boomcase. I'll take two.

This dress certainly isn't something I'd wear to the grocery store, but Elsa Schiaparelli was incredibly innovative for the 1930s. Anyone who collaborated with Salvador Dali is alright by me. The musical notes on this piece were hand-embroidered with metallic thread on gossamer organza (not an easy task). 

Handcrafted by Retrowhale, one of my absolute favorite Etsy shops, these 'Build Your Favorite Band' wood panels rock (literally).

Oh Joni Mitchell, you take my breath away. I'm going to play Blue on vinyl over and over again all weekend long.

This week's edition of Saturday Morning Daydreams is brought to you by music.  The day I was born, my parents played Bob Dylan records to lull me to sleep, and the seed was planted.  Between our over-the-top vinyl collection (see yesterday's post), my side work styling musician's photo shoots, and the fact that their future father is the Stage Manager for a band that tours the world, I have a sneaking suspicion that the musical seed will be planted in my children as well.    

I'm in an especially musical mood this morning, and it's looking like this weekend's creative inspirations are going to be provided by lots of sweet sounds.  May the music-themed goodies in this post (perhaps along with your favorite playlist in the background) inspire you this weekend too.

(Pssst!  You can check out past editions of Saturday Morning Daydreams right here.) 


  1. love today's post! Today I woke up and walked straight to the record player, put on Wake of the Flood. Then straight to the kitchen. Favorite saturday mornings, music+ coffee+ cooking!

  2. I know I say this every week, but this is my favorite S.M.D. So far!!! Thank you always making it so easy for the rest of us to be creatively inspired on the weekends!! I'm gonna go put on some Joni Mitchell now :-)


  3. love those hanging albums! now i want to do that too...

  4. That adorable mixtape thingimajigie comes as an iPhone case?!? I am getting one.

  5. Nicely put-together!
    That Sciaparelli dress is really something! I'm endlessly fascinated by the 30s and 40s.

  6. I love love love those iPhone cases! Adorable! Great finds all very inspiring & lovely :)

  7. I listened to Joni Mitchell this morning... love her!
    I love your blog, especially on saturdays :) I'm pretty sure I need a boomcase!

  8. Love the vintage suitcase and boombox, so awesome!

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  9. adore this post, completely!

  10. Thanks for your comments everyone! It's been quite the musical weekend. We've been listening to lots of Joni, Grateful Dead, and very old Beatles on vinyl while working on wedding planning.


  11. The first photo reminds me of the scene in Pretty in Pink when Annie Potts' character is stapling records to the ceiling of the record shop they work in. Maybe I just have Pretty in Pink on the brain because I added that Psychedelic Furs song to a playlist last week. Anyway, love this post:)

  12. Great blog, love all of the color!



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