Wednesday, April 20, 2011

vision // expression // radiance

I am absolutely captivated by the work of fashion photographer Alvaro Beamud Cortés.  He has incredible vision; his photographs demonstrate a technical eye for color, light, and composition without losing their artistic expression. 

Cortés' images are radiant, dynamic, and visually stunning.
For me, they're especially powerful in that they evoke creative motivation in me.  They feel fresh and outside the box.  I find them extremely compelling, and they encourage me to venture outside of my artistic comfort zone.  This is a very refreshing feeling for those of us who work full-time in creative industries, where burn-out is inevitable from time to time. 

Have any of you discovered new creative works recently that you feel especially inspired by?


  1. His photographs are amazing!
    I recently discovered Alexa Meade... she paints people (literally paints on people) then takes their photograph. I've never seen anything like it! You should check out I think you'll really appreciate her work!

  2. beautiful beautiful photos! I recently discovered Eliot Lee Hazel ( check his work out here ) and have been meaning to do a blog post about it. I love really artsy fashion photographers!

  3. These are super inspiring! I love how diverse they are and how some are simple and pale and others are really dramatic. I haven't discovered any new artists lately but I'm keeping my eye out!

    :-) Jess

  4. So pretty. I'm not familiar with his work but I especially love that second set of photos. I'm glad you introduced me to it!

  5. Love those pops or red in the navy blue.

  6. gorgeous photography... thanks for the inspiration!


  7. Wow! These are so ethereal! Thanks for sharing, he has another new fan!

  8. I love his use of color! I'm always on the hunt for creative inspiration.

  9. Sigh. His work really is amazing.

    I appreciate your comments everybody! And I can't wait to check out your inspirations - thanks for the suggestions!



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