Friday, May 13, 2011

An Encouraging Reminder

You Can Do Anything But You Can't Do Everything

Blogger crash

Hallelujah!  As of 4:02 PM CST on May 13th, the missing posts ('Inspired: Music Festivals' and 'Let the Sunshine In') have magically reappeared.  Unfortunately, all of the wonderful comments are missing, which makes me a sad panda.  There were so many sweet replies to the Bubby update, which now seem to be lost for all eternity somewhere in Blogger's mysterious black hole.  I did read them all, and am very grateful for them, which is the most important thing anyway.  So there, Blogger. 


  1. That is a great quote and it turned out beautifully! Such a great reminder for us creators that we can never do all the creative things we think of! =)

  2. Bad Blogger!!! :-( I hope they restore those posts!! The one with the bubby update was so sweet and I didn't even get a chance to read the music festivals one. I love love love this art print though! You are so positive. :-)


  3. Great print. I was mad at Blogger too but I guess everything happens for a reason!

  4. blogger did it to us all. great quote though.

  5. I admit I may have had some mild panic attacks due to blogger crashing! Glad you're back in business and thanks for sharing that awesome print!

  6. I love that print! For real! I think it sums up my whole life right now. ♥

  7. Oh, I had a funny feeling for two whole days, because that is exactly how long I didn't have access to blogger - I automatically assumed that I didn't have internet and delved into other doings, like designing super cute apple cozies :) then I reminded myself that in fact, I had internet but once again I found myself drawn to Blogger and finally concluded that I DON'T have internet :)) I would say it was quite refreshing.

    Lovely print, by the way!


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