Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Fiance Takes Some Fine Pictures

The fiance left early this morning to head to Summer Camp, a music festival that his band does every Memorial Day weekend in central Illinois.  For the past 6 years, I've gone too, both for work (as I talked about in this post), and play.  With Bubby dog being sick (he's been doing really well; I'll post a full update tomorrow!), I had to pass this year, and I have to admit I'm feeling a little sad today. 

It's always hard to say goodbye to Robbie when he leaves for the road, but this time was especially difficult because I always look forward to our annual tradition of attending this fest together.  (We even officially became boyfriend and girlfriend there!). 

So I decided that since I'm feeling all sorry for myself and already missing Robbie, I'd share some photos that he's taken over the past year.  His photography work is just a hobby, but I happen to think that he's really, really good.

I plan on sharing lots more of his work in the future.

Happy Thursday darlings!  I hope you all have fun adventures planned for the three-day weekend.

All images © Robert Hunter Williams.

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  1. robbie's photos are brilliant! & u know u can go 2 the fest nxt yr. but u won't regret treasuring the time u spent w ur best friend bubby.

  2. The photos are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing them.
    Sorry you are feeling blue about your beau...he'll be back in the casa before you know it!

  3. Your fiance is such a talented photographer! Does he sell these anywhere? I'm sorry you had to miss such a special weekend, you work so hard and are such a good doggy mama to Bubby!!


  4. The Cider building is my fave!

  5. beautiful photos! sorry your missing your man this weekend, i will be missing mine too - i'm going home to cleveland & he's staying in denver :(


  6. These images are beautiful! you are an amazing photographer :) x

  7. Incredible photos. Rather hipster-esque, but that's a compliment. Sounds like a neat idea, too, for the band.

  8. Those photos are absolutely gorgeous! And sorry that you couldn't attend Summer Camp, but at least Bubby appreciated having you around :D

  9. Missing summer camp for the first time in 6 years myself...incredibly sad and probably will be for the remainder of the weekend! Life has different plans for us this time around! Bubby is lucky to have you!! Good photo work Robbie! Maybe you could get him to take some "robbie" photos of camp to share next week...justathought :)


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