Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Papa John!

In honor of Father's Day, I thought I'd share this photo of my dad, John, modeling for a company called Perennial Designs in the early 1970s. Perennial Designs was a local knitwear line out of Bloomington, Indiana that designed responsibly made sweaters, coats and shawls, all of which were locally hand-loomed, naturally dyed, and reflected the bohemian style that was defined during this era.  As a sustainable fashion designer, I'm very grateful for the small design labels of that generation, who paved the way for those of us working to promote eco-friendly fashion today. 

I'm also very grateful for my dad's commitment to earth-conscious organizations and companies like this one, and the pro-art, pro-music, pro-book, and pro-creativity lifestyle he advocated. (My dad is an amazing photographer; we even got to grow up with a dark room in our house!).  A lot of the choices I've made in my career and lifestyle are because of my dad's efforts in teaching my sister and I how to respect nature, to think with open minds, and to always explore our interests in art and creativity.  Happy Father's Day Papa John!

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  1. This is so sweet!! I love that your dad was a model! And all of the important things he taught you!! Happy Father's Day!! :-)


  2. what a sweet post :) You're dad sounds like a pretty amazing person... like father, like daughter!

  3. What a wonderful way to recognize your father on Father's Day. Gotta love a pops who is eco-conscious!

  4. That picture is terrific! I love the story of your inspiration from your papa. :)

  5. it is great that you have a father you can look up to and admire! and i love that photo!


  6. What a great pic! He looks like a taller version of Davey Jones of the Monkees -- a
    hearthrob back in the day!

    LeAnn aka pasqueflower

  7. That's so cool! My dad always used to joke that he was an underwear model (you know the ones where you can't see their head). Yeah, it didn't work. Haha. It's so great that your dad was earth-conscious and it's obvious that it rubbed off on you.

  8. That is so adorable! I actually collect vintage knitting magazines, so it's possible I have a picture of your dad in my craft room, haha :) How wonderful that he was so committed to the eco-friendly and creativity-friendly lifestyle, and that he was a great role model for you!

  9. Double A+ for artistic Dads! He looks great in that ad!

  10. Thanks for the comments everyone! I'm very grateful for my dad. :) I hope you all had amazing father's days!



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