Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inspiration + Motivation: Wedding Dresses

wedding dress inspiration

Right after Robbie and I got engaged, I did a post about wedding dress inspiration.  And here it is nearly 7 months later, with a wedding planned for October 1st, and I still don't have a dress.

I think perhaps the fact that I have a career in fashion design is working against me, because I'm feeling a little too relaxed about the whole thing. 

I've been telling myself it's no big deal that I've been procrastinating getting around to the one thing that is usually the most important part of the wedding to the bride.  I don't have to worry about the advanced ordering and fittings that other brides do.  And I know that I'm either making my own dress or reworking a vintage one.  I want something simple.  I've also had designs floating around in my head since long before Robbie proposed.

vintage wedding dress

I realized last night, however, that the big day is three months away, and I should probably get going on this.  Like yesterday.  

pinwheel tea dress

So I decided that to get myself inspired and motivated, I'd look at pretty pictures of wedding dress styles I love, share them with all of you, and go from there.

1. Powdered Sugar Dress by Sarah Seven.
2. Dream a Little Dream Dress by Ivy and Aster.
3. Simple + elegant lace mini dress by French Connection
4. Gorgeous vintage dress (source).
5. Pinwheel Tea Dress by BHLDN.

I'll keep you updated once I finally get started on the design!


  1. I LOVE the Ivy and Aster dresses- I am considering one for my wedding! I think they are so beautiful; elegant without being over-the-top :) I can't wait to see the amazing dress you come up with!!

  2. How exciting that you're getting married! I got married in 2009 (can't believe it's been 2 years already!)

    I really like the second dress. It's a little more dressed up than the others, but still simple. I wish I had used a vintage dress, but I wore my moms dress which was free!

  3. All the Ideas for your wedding look so great! My wife and I both love your style. Cant wait to see the pictures of how it all came together. I love that not everything has to be suits and churches.

  4. The very first one is my favorite, but I so wish it was floor length!

  5. i love love short wedding dresses! tea length is my favorite. i like how they are a non traditional and unique. have fun picking out a dress!


  6. I love these. When I married my ex I wore an awesome vintage repro that i loved...

  7. These dresses are lovely! I especially love the top one. 3 months away! Wow! You better hurry, girl! No pressure. LOL. I'm watching the show "Amsale Girls" as I type. I love wedding dress shows. I can dream. =)


  8. Such lovely picks!! I just love short dresses. They're elegant without be overly fancy. I can't WAIT to see what you design!! :-)


  9. #5 is my favorite -- Ivy and Aster.
    Three months and counting.... Congrats!

  10. I'm getting married in october and also did a dress inspiration post today! Love your dress choices!

  11. are you getting any closer to deciding, mellissa? ha! you know that whatever you chose will look lovely on you.

  12. Oh, I love Ivy and Aster dresses in general! You have excellent taste in wedding frocks.

  13. love the dresses! The first one is my favorite :)
    I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  14. I really love that last one. Tea length dresses are so romantic and elegant.

  15. so very pretty! I'm loving all of the shorter dresses. vintage dresses are so beautiful <3

  16. I would be happy in any one of these dresses, but I guess I lean more toward vintage wedding dresses...something about a timeless-style dress signifies that it's not just about the wedding here and now, but the enduring relationship. Plus you'll already have something old (and possibly also borrowed?) if you rework a vintage dress! <3

  17. I love how non-traditional these are :) And I have such a soft spot for shorter wedding dresses :)

  18. It's amazing that you're making your own dress. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I'm getting married September 3rd and know how much you've probably got going on! Can't wait to see your beautiful dress!


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