Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Morning Daydreams

chickadee plates
I seriously want every single piece from ModCloth's Chickadee Delight collection.  The sunshine gold color, the adorable bird and nest illustrations... sigh.  I'm especially loving the laptop case, clutch, dinner and salad plates, and serving tray, shown above.  

All of Alice Melvin's work is fairly amazing, but this "Make Your Own Mobile" kit is now officially on my must have list.  
bird dishtowel
I'm sorry, but this Windhoek dishtowel is way too beautiful to use for drying dishes.  I think it's much more suited to be a (gorgeous) wall hanging.  I absolutely adore the vibrant colored print and detailed pickstitches.

The entire look on the left may just be my newest dream outfit, but it's the dress that's really got me.  Sheer, flowing fabrics, maxi length, and an almost-ethereal hummingbird print?  Yes, please.

I'm think that this "Mother Bird" limited edition print would look awfully nice in my living room or kitchen.  Printed from an original papercut by Etsy Artist Elsita, it features the prettiest colors and details.  Love.

We have a birdhouse on our back porch, and the birds who live in it were chirping especially loudly this morning.  I think they're happy that the sun is finally shining here in Chicago!  When I woke up, I felt so grateful to get to listen to those little birds sing after such a long, cold winter.  I started thinking about that magical quote by Rose Kennedy: "Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them?" Naturally, my daydreams on this Saturday morning have been filled with all things bird.
What are your weekend plans?  My mom's coming to town for the afternoon today so we can go to the bookstore, drink mad amounts of coffee, and look through wedding magazines for inspiration.  She has an amazing eye for design, so I'm really excited for her to help me make some decisions regarding what I'll be making for the invitations and decor. 

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  1. I love this Sat. Morning Daydreams (I think I say that every week lol!!) What a perfect theme for the beginning of summer!! The dress and modcloth chickadee goodies are my faves. No big plans here for the weekend, going to run some errands and make some jewelry. Have a great day doing wedding stuff with you mom, I hope you post what you decide on! :-)


  2. I love, love love the dreamy outfit!

    Great picks, perfect for Saturday day dreaming :) Thanks for putting a great post together.

  3. These are gorgeous picks! I want all those modcloth things, and the mobile kit!

  4. once again... absolutely perfect! I look forward to your posts every Saturday :)I find birds incredibly inspiring and love each and every one of your choices!

    Hope you have a great afternoon with your mom! btw, what did you think about crash kings? Its Only Wednesday, Raincoat, My Love & Mountain Man are my faves... they're playing in Chicago tonight!

  5. i've been in search of a laptop bag with handles! etsy hasn't been very promising and i didn't want to spend $100+ on a marc jacobs one (though totally not out of the question).... so thanks!

  6. gawsh! your blog is beautiful. i hope you don't mind another faithful reader.


  7. This is seriously such a lovely post. Birds are the cutest and i really like ModCloth's Chickadee Delight collection. Looks so gorgeous! Your blog is so inspirational, thanks for sharing this =]

  8. The leather bracelets next to your dream outfit are so appealing to me! And wow, where do you get this awesomeness? I love going through your finds!

  9. You have such a lovely blog! <3

  10. I am really loving yellow and musturd colours right now. What a beautiful cllection of goodies.

  11. Oh for the love...that Chickadee Delight collection is adorable. It needs to come with a 'not safe for work' note!

  12. i hope your weekend went well! bridal magazines are such lovely places for inspiration!

  13. Thanks so much for the sweet comments everyone! And yes, those chickadee goodies from Modcloth are sooo tempting! I had a great weekend wedding planning. I hope your weekends were wonderful too!



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