Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Morning Daydreams

colorful flashcards
These colorful flashcards are so pretty, I'd hang them on my wall.

numbered pincushions
Hand-stamped pincushions are so much cuter than my ho-hum, standard tomato one.

vintage alarm clocks
Forget setting the alarm on my BlackBerry, I'll take these gorgeous vintage clocks instead!

colorful typography poster
Loving this vibrant typographic poster.

numbered glass bottles
Repurposed, stenciled glass bottles = best idea ever.

number pillow
This pillow is handmade from a hemp blend fabric, and hand-stamped with antique textile printing blocks.  Did I mention it's red (second only to yellow in the favorite color department)?  Want. 

numbered teacups
These pretty teacups from Anthropologie would look awfully nice on my open kitchen shelves.

For someone who despises math, it's almost ironic what a massive a number crush I have these days.  And on this particular Saturday morning, I am daydreaming of all things number.  I have a thing for fonts, so perhaps this is an extension of that.  Whatever the reason, I've been finding myself inspired by number posters, clocks, and trinkets decorated with all sorts of numbered goodness.  I hope these pretty number-themed images bring some inspiration to your weekend too.

What are your weekend plans?  One of my best friends (who I don't get to see very often) is on her way to pick me up, and we're going to have breakfast at my favorite organic restaurant, stop by my wedding venue, and go peek in on her boyfriend's art class.  Tomorrow my mom and I are going to go shopping and work on wedding plans.  It's nice to have plans when Robbie's on the road - it keeps me from missing him so much.

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  1. I am like you- I hat maths, I would find those sums hanging around my house to be a bit scary. I love the styling though.
    You sound like you are going to have a relaxing and nourishing weekend. We will searching for farms to buy in Bulgaria- not so bad :) x

  2. Love it! Feeling totally inspired to start my day!

  3. Great finds. :) And I know what you mean about the numbers and fonts... really interesting to see different ones!

    My weekend will be filled of nothing other than relaxation, a bonfire every night and lots and lots of marshmallows... never leaving my backyard. :)

  4. im lusting on the flashcards. i would definitely do something creative with them too if i had them. and i love the color of the pillow!

    -robots in trouble

  5. Another gorgeous Saturday Morning Daydreams!! Such a creative collection, makes me love #s & normally they scare me!! :-)


  6. ooooh, I am not a math fan either... But I do love your number collection (because I don't have to do any calculations, just admire!) :)
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend Melissa!

  7. It must be the fonts for me too, I am terrible at maths! Loving the flashcards, and the vintage alarm clocks. A great little collection :)

  8. Your plans today sound so relaxing and fun! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  9. I LOVE the clock collection. I have a mini one, but it only includes 2 haha. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. I love this S.M.D. edition! I am such a number dork, even though I work in art. This is the perfect mix of both!!

  11. cute clocks man! i'm usually not a clock person, even.

  12. I love this! I think my favorite thing about a few of these photos (the clocks especially) is how amazing they look in a collection. Makes me want to start collecting vintage alarm clocks!


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