Friday, July 1, 2011

friday is for favorites

Kate Spade Diaper Bag

Let's Have A Great Summer

pear tree

beaded turquoise necklace

paper art party decor

Floral Kitchenaid Mixer

Time for another edition of Friday is for Favorites, my weekly series where I become a rebel, and break all of my own rules of design cohesiveness to which I normally adhere on the Bubby and Bean blog.  No themes, trend collections, or matching aesthetics here.  Just a random collection of things I happen to be loving on this very Friday.

1. Really rad diaper bag by Kate Spade.
2. Super happy positive summer sign
3. Gorgeously ripe pear tree.
4. Pretty layered turquoise necklace.
5. Vibrant paper art (perfect summer party decor!)
6. Painted chevron shoebox tutorial.  Yes, please.
7. Prettiest Kitchenaid Mixer ever.

May your Friday be filled with all kinds of fun + rebellious design adventures.  See you tomorrow morning for this week's edition of Saturday Morning Daydreams!

It's July (and my half-birthday - woohoo!).  That means Bubby and Bean has a brand new crop of AMAZING sponsors - and some pretty awesome returning sponsors too.  I am so impressed with all of their incredible shops and blogs!  Take a minute or two to check them out via their ad buttons and banners in the right sidebar...


  1. Love these finds! That necklace and mixer are to die for. :D

  2. Wow! Cool finds. I had no idea they made designer Kitchenaid mixers! That is one beautiful machine!

  3. such pretty picks! I'm especially loving the necklace and now I'm craving pears :)

  4. i love all of your picks!! esp that doted bag!!!

  5. Yes, yes, yes! Love all of these. I currently have a cocktail tree (a mix of lemons and oranges) ... if only I could have a pear tree too ... and a lime tree ... for mojito madness! xo

  6. What! Those are shoebox lids?! I'm so impressed.

  7. Ooooo these might be all my favorite things today too! You sure do have quite the eye!! I think that diaper bag would make a fabulous purse. And oh my gosh, that mixer!!


  8. Cool finds! Love the mixer!

  9. I love all of those!!! I want to try that shoebox chevron cute! And adorable diaper bag!

  10. Love the turquoisy colors! And that mixer would definitely wake up my drab kitchen!! Great post.

    LeAnn aka pasqueflower

  11. That kitchenaid mixer is gorgeous. I've seen different solid colors before, but never anything like THAT... wow.

    - Mandi

  12. Everything here is incredible. I want it all! And happy half-birthday! I guess that makes you a new years baby?? All the new sponsors look great too. Going to check 'em all out right now.

  13. Oh my goodness- that mixer! There are no words to describe how much I want that! I could mix all kinds of things with that! Such a lovely collection :)

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Thanks for the comments you guys! Isn't that chevron shoebox tutorial AMAZING? And that mixer! For those wondering, the mixer is (unfortunately) not available to the masses. It was a limited edition and I believe they only made a handful. Boooo.


  15. I love your favorites! I love those shobox chevrons. What a great and inexpensive idea to decorate a wall. I'd neve know what they were if you hadn't told us!

  16. With each scroll down, this post became more and more delightful!

  17. the bag is so beautiful <3


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