Friday, July 15, 2011

friday is for favorites

polka-dot dress

Miguel Gantioqui photography cheat sheet

Si Como No Costa Rica

Tattly temporary tattoos

1960s dress

Cutesygirl CGgirl 15 shoes

Time for another edition of Friday is for Favorites, my weekly series where I become a rebel, and break all of my own rules of design cohesiveness to which I normally adhere on the Bubby and Bean blog.  No themes, trend collections, or matching aesthetics here.  Just a random collection of things I happen to be loving on this very Friday.

1. I have an actual crush on this dress.
2. Seriously bad-ass photography cheat sheet by Miguel Gantioqui.
3. The beyond-words-amazing Si Como No eco-resort, Costa Rica.
4. Coolest temporary tattoos in all existence.
5. Absolutely brilliant vintage '60s photograph.
6. I need these shoes*. Company (CutesyGirl) no longer exists. 
   *Help me find them and we'll be BFFs 'til the end of time. 

Any exciting plans for the weekend?  I have a ridiculously busy Friday work-wise, but tomorrow I'm getting together with my friend Cheri to shop and be the usual art nerds that we are when we hang out.  And Sunday.........Robbie comes home from summer tour for an entire month!  For those who aren't regular readers, my fiance works for a band, and they are in the last days of a month-long summer tour on the road.  I am so proud of that boy for all he accomplishes in his career, but I am more than ready for this tour to come to an end.  I cannot wait to have him back home!

Whatever your plans may be for this fine Friday, I hope your day is full of creative inspiration and rebellious design rule-breaking!  See you tomorrow morning for this week's edition of Saturday Morning Daydreams...


  1. I adore all of your favorites and those cute little graphics you put in! That hotel looks insanely beautiful! Lucky you for having stayed there before! Enjoy your weekend and yay for your man coming home!!! :)

  2. Omg, these are the best favorites ever. Those tattoos are killer! And those shoes, wow, I hope you can find them.

  3. All of these favorites are amazing, especially the photography cheat sheet! (I sometimes have trouble keeping up with all of my camera's settings.)

    Thanks for sharing! <3

  4. i agree that you MUST find those shoes...

  5. I have those shoes in red! Seriously - they're the exact same, but the brand on mine are Rue 21. Maybe you can check there for them? I bought them several falls ago, so they may not carry this style anymore, but good luck tracking them down!

  6. Hope you find those shoes - they're adorable!!!

  7. ooooooo love that dress! and the shoes!! and everything!! :-)


  8. I love your Friday Faves!
    That dress is adorable and those temp tattoos are amazing!
    Love love love that photography cheat sheet & that eco resort totally makes me want to go to Costa Rica!!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment! :)

  9. Thanks so much for the comments you guys! And your kind words on the shoes. I'm going to hunt those babies down, mark my words!


  10. That dress is simply lovely! I'd love to wear it.


  11. Yes, yes, yes, those shoes are perfection. I hope you can find them!!!

  12. That dress is perfection! For serious.


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