Thursday, July 21, 2011

Official Call for August Sponsors!

Become a Bubby and Bean August Sponsor!

This is the official call for August Sponsors here at Bubby & Bean: Living Creatively.   August is going to be the best month EVER at Bubby and Bean!  There are going to be all kinds of posts focused on creative inspirations, small business + creative living tips, end-of-summer fashion and accessory guides, amazing giveaways, super fun guest posts, life-on-the-road rockstar stories, wedding DIYs + planning goodness (less than 2 months 'til I tie the knot!) and lots more. Come be a part of it!

Bubby and Bean continues to experience a huge + steady growth in readership (yay!), and now is the perfect time for me to help you really get the word out about your shop or blog!  There are lots of sponsor options to choose from (starting at $10!), and different packages that include things like featured sponsor posts, discount codes for my readers, interviews and giveaways!  You can even book your space in one click directly through the SPONSOR PAGE.  Read on for more details...

is an affordable, effective way to advertise your blog, Etsy shop, small business, vintage store, website, band or online portfolio.  Bubby & Bean readers are creative spirits interested in design, fashion, art, photography, vintage, travel, weddings, DIY projects, music, and eco-friendly living.  There are several sponsorship options available to best meet your needs and budget.

BLOG  >> Since Bubby & Bean began in November of 2010, daily readership has grown at an incredible rate and continues to grow. In the past month alone, Bubby & Bean received 38,900+ page views, and had 12,100+ unique visitors. We also currently have over 1,340 subscribers via readers, Google Friend Connect, and Bloglovin', a number that grows daily. 

TWITTER  >> I tweet several times a day to my 3,700+ followers on Twitter about new Bubby & Bean content with links to this site.

FACEBOOK  >> My combined Mountains of the Moon page and Bubby & Bean Art page have over 3,850 fans and growing.  The Bubby & Bean Blog is linked on both of these pages, and I post daily status updates with links to this blog.

NEWSLETTER  >> The email list for the Mountains of the Moon/Bubby & Bean Newsletter has over 10,000 subscribers.  Monthly e-newsletters are sent to these subscribers with direct links to this blog.

PRESS  >> Bubby & Bean has been recently featured on several websites including Design*Sponge, Pretty Fluffy, The Dainty Squid, and the Fabulous Animal Rescue Project, and was recently shot for a video feature for QuickBooks!

August Sponsorship Rates

Ads are rotated (within their size categories) twice a month for optimal exposure.  If you don't have a banner, I can design one for you FREE of charge. 

Prices are current and are subject to change monthly.

Special Sponsor Features

THE BEST PART: All funds raised through sponsorships go back into spreading the word and promoting this blog. That means even more exposure for you!

Ready to join the Bubby & Bean Sponsor Team? You can book your space directly on our Sponsor Page, right hereIf you're thinking of sponsoring for August, now is the time to book - monthly slots have been filling up very quickly.  (*If a size is not available on the sponsor page, this means it is sold out for this month).

Have questions?  Feel free to contact me to request additional information.

Looking forward to an amazing August!

*7/22 UPDATE: Medium and Large size sponsor spots are now sold out for August! There are still a few small spots, and 1 XL spot available right now.


  1. cool! let me know if you still have slots open!

  2. We do have a few slots open Collins! You can book right through the Sponsor page! :) Feel free to contact me with any questions.


  3. Proud Bubby and Bean sponsor for 5 months! Thanks for your help!!

  4. Thanks Collins and Heather! You guys rock. :)


  5. Very interesting read, keep it up.x


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