Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sharing my art (+ coupon love!)

Creativity Takes Courage

Bonjour Dog

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else

Do Something Creative Every Day

old dogs are the best dogs

Today Is The Very Best Day

You Are My Very Favorite Person

dog art

You Can Do Anything

Bubby and Bean is an inspiration blog that focuses on living a creative lifestyle.  My mission is to take interesting and pretty things that I come across and share them with all of you, in hopes that you'll find them inspiring as well.  Sometimes I'll share pieces of my life (like the fact that I have a wedding coming up!) and my business adventures, but I usually concentrate on showcasing the works of other artists/designers and companies.  I have talked a little about my work as an eco-friendly fashion designer, but I haven't talked much about my art.  So I decided to share some of that art with you today.

As you can see, I love creating pieces that incorporate typography and lettering, with a focus on positive, encouraging messages for the creative spirit.  And as you may already know, I have a fondness for dogs - especially Bubby dog - and often incorporate dogs in my work.  Although my experience is primarily as an illustrator (with a good old ink pen!), I've really grown to adore graphic art over the past couple of years, and have so much fun designing graphic prints these days as well. 

1. Creativity Takes Courage Chevron 8x10 Art Print, $20.
2. Bonjour Dog 5x7 Art Print, $16. 
3. To Be Yourself 8x10 Art Print, $20.
4. Do Something Creative Everyday 8x10 Art Print (new!), $20.
5. Why Old Dogs Are The Best Dogs 8x10 Art Print, $16.
6. Today Is The Very Best Day 8x10 Art Print (new!), $20.
7. You Are My Very Favorite Person 8x10 Art Print, $22.
8. WOOF!, Dog and Spider 5x7 Art Print, $16.
9. You Can Do Anything Arrows 8x10 Art Print, $20.

Each of the prints above is available in the Bubby and Bean Etsy Shop.  I decided it would be fun to offer my rockstar readers a special 25% OFF discount through the end of this week.

25% Off Coupon

So if you'd like to purchase one of these prints, or any of the others in the shop, just enter the code BUBBYANDBEANREADER in the coupon code box when checking out, and 25% will automatically be deducted from the price! There are also greeting cards and other goodies in the shop, and many of the prints are available in different color choices. The discount is good on everything!

Thanks for letting me share my art with you!  I hope your Tuesday is smashing. 


  1. Beautiful! I love the chevron one so much. Thank you for sharing your art, and for the coupon!

  2. lovely lovely art work! i really enjoy all the motivational quotes :)


  3. These are great. And hooray for old dogs, I say!

  4. These prints are all so amazing! I love all the different lettering :)

  5. I love the dog with the flower best!!! So cute!

  6. LOVE THESE!!!

    jenna duty


  7. Tsuki aka LittleGrayFoxJuly 19, 2011 2:30 PM

    love them all!!! thanks for the discount! :)

  8. I love your prints and that Ralph Waldo Emerson quote is the absolute best. I also usually showcase other artists on my blog, and I set a goal to share more of my own art this year...that hasn't happened yet, but it's only July, right? :)

  9. Thanks for sharing! I love them all! I think my favorite is WOOF! I'm loving your set of magnets in your etsy shop...I may have to order them!

  10. Thanks so much for your sweet comments! It was fun to share my art with you guys. For those of you who are artists, I'd love to see yours as well!


  11. I love "Why old dogs are the best dogs" picture. Our friend has a birthday coming up in September and this would be perfect for him. Him and his wife took in a stray dog that was wondering on her school campus a few years ago...anyway they would love it;) thanks for sharing.
    My internet is being weird and won't let me post comment through google acct....hope you recognize me....jessica @thecraychaotichouse.blogspot.com


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