Wednesday, August 10, 2011

fall + flats: my top 5 shoe picks for fall '11

fall 2011 flats

I consider myself a heel girl.  When I go shoe shopping, I am instantly drawn toward the most striking of high-heeled beauties, often gorgeously detailed and unapologetically impractical.  Unfortunately, 2011 has been filled with obligations like an old, sick doggy and a semi-insane work schedule, causing my social life (and thus occasions to which I'd be wearing heels) to border on nonexistent.  Because of this, I've watched my sweet little collection of extravagantly heeled shoes pathetically gather dust on its rack.

So for fall, I decided that any shoe purchases I make - other than wedding shoes, of course - need to be flats.  I'm catching myself cringe as I write this, but it's the truth.  (Side note: boots may or may not count). Thankfully, this fall is full of fun, bold flats that just might be giving their fancy high-heeled cousins a run for their money. 

Marilyn Fabric Flat by Rocket Dog, $35.

Vegan Fringe Enchant Tie Flats by Cri De Coeur, $100.

Scarf-top Skimmers in Grey, Anthropologie, $148.
(Top image background shoes also by Anthropologie).
Betsey Johnson Moulin Rhubarb shoe at, $89.99.

Thunderbird II Moccasin by Minnetonka, $45.

What about you?  Are there any flats you're especially looking forward to for fall?


  1. Moccasin's all the way, I love your round up Melissa x

  2. I'm usually a heel girl too but I've been trying to be more practical lately and these are really gorgeous picks!! Especially lovely the betsey johnson and rocket dog shoes.

  3. I go back and forth between heels and flats pretty freely. I love em' both...which makes shoes shopping potentially expensive! I love the rocket dog shoes you posted - I have a couple different colors in that style! Those moccasins are super cute too! Good luck on the transition to flats! :)

  4. oh my those ones from cri de coeur are amazing!!! wow!!!

  5. Ah!! I am addicted to flats... never been much of a heel girl. I think I NEED those moccasins... they are amazing. :) Sea Marie

  6. i'm loving that first pair of flats!!! so cute.

  7. Moccasins are a girl's best friend.

  8. I have a pair of moccasins just like those!
    I used to be a heel girl, but with school and a job where I stand a lot, I've switched to flats... but mine are boring black... your picks are fun and bold :)

  9. I love that so many of you are into moccasins too! I've always owned a pair, and I love that they've come back into style this year.

    Go flats!


  10. I definitely am a flats girl inside and out, and am on the hunt for some new ones for fall! This post is perfectly timed- I love the rocket dog ones! I also found some nice ones at land's end, believe it or not!

  11. those moccasin's are cute :)

  12. Cute picks! I love shoes, way too much. lol I think I need the moccasins.

  13. Ooo thanks for sharing, I just picked up the moccasins in brick red!

  14. omg i love flats! i'm from salt lake, where we get a couple feet of snow on the regs, and i'm the one who's walking around in flats still! they are just too cute.

    luckily now i live in san diego and can enjoy them all year long without looking silly or getting my feet cold/wet :)


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