Tuesday, August 16, 2011

rock show: life on the road (part 2)

tour bus

One of the most requested items on the survey I posted last week was Life On the Road, the series that chronicles bits and pieces of my fiance Robbie's career.  Robbie works as the Stage Manager for a band which keeps him (you guessed it) on the road, for a total of six months a year.  In the survey comments, a few of you also asked if this series was still happening, since it's been a while since our last post.  The answer is yes - it's absolutely still happening!  Robbie has actually been home for the past month (a small miracle!), and we've been trying to take advantage of his time here to work on wedding planning before their late summer/early fall tour.  Once he leaves for that, I'm on my own until just a few days before the wedding (yikes!). 

We were excited to see how many of you wanted more of this series though, so today we're going to share some photographs Robbie took on the final leg of their summer tour.  If you missed Part 1 of Life on the Road, just click here.

Once again, I'll turn this over to my amazing soon-to-be husband, champion Stage Manager, house chef, and expert robot dancer, Robert Hunter Williams.

life on the road

Hello again to all of you badass Bubby and Bean readers.  Good to be back for my second round of guest blogging.  In my last installment, you followed along for a couple "days in the life" that illustrated my hectic and rather unglamorous schedule.  This time, I decided to show you some of the less chaotic parts of my job - those few and far between but much appreciated moments where I have time to snap shots of cool images along the way.

Red Rocks

Umphrey's Red Rocks

Red Rocks backstage

Boulder Theater
art park

Saranac Brewery

As I said last time, you read a lot about things like design and fashion on this blog - things you don't find in the back of a semi trailer full of music gear - but there is an art to producing a traveling rock show.  I hope these photos were able to give you a little more of a glimpse inside of my not-so-average job.

It's been really awesome to have a few weeks at home, but it's almost time to hit the road again.  This weekend we head up to Hoxeyville Music Festival in Michigan, then I get one more week off before the long haul of fall tour begins.

If any of you have requests for what you'd like to see in Life on the Road, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to accommodate your suggestions.

Until next time...


  1. Great post! Glad to see the series is still happening. :) It's really interesting to see his side of things. That rock amphitheater is AMAZING!! So crazy to see the before and after shots. :) Sea Marie

  2. Robbie: great photos and some incredible views!!!

    Melissa: Just got internet back after 3 weeks(!) and am slowly plodding my way through my reader. Can't wait to get caught up on your blog. :)
    xo, Mary

  3. The pics are awesome...that venue in CO is amazing! I am eager to see more this Fall!

  4. PS I think it would be great to see a post about what exactly the job entails. I think most of us have an idea what stage manager does...but I don't REALLY know all that goes into it!

  5. I live in Denver, CO so I loved seeing photos from Red Rocks! I love love Red Rocks it is such an amazing venue! Hope Robbie enjoyed CO :)



  6. Wow! You get to see a lot of beautiful places! I'm glad you shared more of the upsides in part 2.

  7. I love this series!! You two both have such interesting careers/lives. But it must be really hard for you both to be away for each other for so long, I don't know if I could handle that! As for requests, I just say keep it up and keep posting this series! And it would be cool to see pics of you working to learn more about the role of a stage manager. But that might be hard to have people take pics of you when you're nonstop busy. :-)

  8. awesome! i've never been to red rocks but wow! it's incredible.

  9. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I'll make sure Robbie reads your comments/suggestions. :)


  10. Oh wow, these pictures are amazing!!!

  11. hey robbie, how about some of those behind the scenes expert robot dancing moves?


  12. I've been out of town and hadn't been able to visit this blog for a while, but was so psyched to come back to another on the road post! This is so interesting to me. :-) Annnnd, I see Umphrey's McGee is playing here next month. My bff and I are getting our tickets this week. Looking forward to checking them out for the first time!


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