Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Morning Daydreams

Loving the subtle pattern on this Anthropologie dress.

I adore the simple design of this greeting card from CarsonToo.

How unique + amazing is Issey Miyake's fall '11 collection?

Can't wait to try this awesome manicure DIY from
the lovely Kaylah over at The Dainty Squid.

Mark Lazenby's collages are brilliant.

These vibrant necklaces from Minoux are so simple and pretty.

That's right.  On this fine Saturday Morning, I am daydreaming of all things triangle.  I've always been a fan of triangular elements in design, and it seems like lately, triangles have been everywhere.  There's just something about the simple geometry of these three-sided shapes that is so clean and visually appealing.  They're kind of like the circle's rebellious cousin - a little less soft and a little more adventurous.  I hope that these pretty images bring some inspiration to your weekend.

See you Monday, friends!

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  1. Geometry is everywhere right now!

  2. Great finds! I really love those simple necklaces.... and my nails are already painted from that tutorial! It was a lot of fun. :) Sea Marie

  3. Ohh I'm loving all of those picks!! Especially the nail polish and those adorable necklaces! I feel like there are so many nail polish ideas I want to try these days!

  4. That dress is too cute. Can't wait for the twitter pics today!

  5. I too am a lover of triangles! Thanks for introducing me to some rockin' items!

  6. Thanks for the love everyone! Triangles rock. :)


  7. Love your blog, so pretty and fun!

    Here from EBT :)

  8. i'm in love with that first dress...

  9. :O I LOOOOVVVEEE that first dress! It's Gourgeous!

    P.S. New follower from EBT ;) Fantabulous Blog!


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