Tuesday, August 30, 2011

sensible + spirited >> fall 2011 colors

Pantone Fall 2011

I'm really loving Pantone's Fall 2011 color report, which they describe as "sensible and spirited."  Kind of sounds like the perfect combination to me.  I'm pretty fond of the cedar, deep teal, nougat and quarry; pairing bold and neutral colors together always wins in my book.  But being yellow's #1 fan and all, bamboo stands out out as my very favorite.

Pantone Bamboo

1. Gorgeous bamboo colored coat from Orla Kiely's fall 2011 collection.
2. Beautiful golden autumn tree photograph via Flickr.
3. Golden Holga camera from Rugift.
4. Cole Haan hand-painted Oscars for Fall '11 (*amazing).
5. Pretty mustard colored notecards from Felt & Wire.

Which color is your favorite for this fall?

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  1. Those trees are perfection! I used to have a tree outside of the little bungalow I lived in years ago that turned that very color in Fall!

  2. My husband shelled out for a pair of Cole Haan shoes a couple of months ago, but I don't think he'd ever get anything with yellow. Which is obviously silly of him. :-)

  3. Ever since I bought a mustard coloured yarn.. I have been obsessed with mustard/bamboo type colours. I also love the emberglow colour. nice collection of images:)

  4. I would wear Orla Kiely always every day if I could afford it:) I also have been obsessed with mustard and yellow in general for the past couple of years.

  5. ohh i love the collection of bamboo colours! that holga is so cute!

  6. so i am pretty sure bamboo is just a fancy name for mustard - which is my favorite color, so i love it! great picks :)



  7. My favorite is bamboo as well. Yellow, yellow, yellow :) that coat is beautiful!

  8. Love your bamboo pics -- but my favorite is on the other side of the color wheel - Phlox.

  9. I love bamboo! And I need those shoes!

  10. Bamboo! Of course!
    And then some nougat
    and some coffee liqueur.

    I am loving the palette, quite the dreamy style.

  11. Beautiful!! Phlox is my favorite. :)

  12. I'm glad you guys like this palette too! And it's nice to see so many fellow bamboo lovers. :)


  13. do i have to choose only 1 fave, from this palette? probably the deep teal. totally dig photos 1 & 2, but ef sensible, for i am not. ;)



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