Friday, September 9, 2011

friday is for favorites

nap pillows

ribbon in hair

lattice cookie and apple cider

BCBG spring 2012

moss covered cottage

old diner sign

Time for another edition of Friday is for Favorites, my weekly series where I become a rebel, and break all of my own rules of design cohesiveness to which I normally adhere on the Bubby and Bean blog.  No themes, trend collections, or matching aesthetics here.  Just a random collection of things I happen to be loving on this very Friday.

1. I'll take the pillows and the nap.  Letter pillows by Shop Dirtsa on Etsy.
2. Kinda dying over this ridiculously gorgeous hair over at Sea of Shoes.
3. Lattice cookies on top of mugs of apple cider?  Hello fall!  (via Not Martha).
4. How 'bout this BCBG Max Azria Spring 2012 NYFW goodness? (via Elle).
5. This mossy, woodsy, quiet little cottage is a dream.  Sigh.
6. I like this old diner sign photo. Even if me eating there is unlikely.

How is your Friday so far?  It's crazy busy around these parts, but I'm looking forward to going wedding shoe shopping with my mom tomorrow.  Maybe once I have the shoes, I'll finally get started on the redesign of my (awesome vintage) dress.  Yep, my wedding is in 3 weeks and my dress isn't done.  Or even started.  It's cool. 


  1. Yes! I saw those cookies today too and I love them. Adorable. Just adorable.

    My Friday's been pretty boring, but relaxing. I'm just browsing online getting ideas for some design work I'm doing at the office. Chatting with coworkers about how bad the weather is. That kind of thing.

  2. I so want to live in the cottage :) I love anything covered in creeper vines like that!

  3. Love that photo of the hair too!

  4. I absolutely love those Scrabble pillows! I want them for my new apartment!

  5. Why don't you just stop posting these favorites because every week I am getting crazy about them!

  6. The apple cider is too adorable. I love your blog. I'm a new follower. Would love for you to stop by and share the love.

  7. A nap in the cottage would be perfect -- and the cookies over cider when I wake up from my nap. Ahh--heaven.

    What? No dress???? I'm impressed that you are so calm at W minus 3 weeks and counting....


  8. Everything here is totes amazing! Especially the BCBG look from NYFW!!

  9. I have got to have some of that apple cider! And that cottage looks so perfect.

  10. Oh wow, those cushions are AWESOME!!! Love the concept! Pinning this (Pinterest obsessed, right here!) x


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