Saturday, October 22, 2011

INSTAGRAM! (How I Gave In & Joined the Other Side)

My Instagram Photos

Until a few days ago, I had a BlackBerry for over 5 years. When the iPhone was initially released, I was intrigued.  It definitely appealed to the designer in me, with its shiny, polished appearance and colorful + interesting apps. (Let's face it, the BlackBerry has always been fairly pathetic as far as apps go).  But for years, BlackBerry was rated the reigning champion of business, and as a business owner, I firmly held my Team BlackBerry position.  For someone who uses their phone constantly for email and documents, BlackBerry always seemed the more practical choice.  When Robbie got an iPhone a few years ago, we teased each other about who had the better device, and I vowed never to make the switch to the "other side."  I prefer Macs to PCs, and I'm in love with my iPad, but as far as phones go, I held my ground.

Unfortunately, at some point in the past year, my beloved BlackBerry started to fall behind.  The constant crashing, the inability to view websites quickly, and the serious lack of apps got to me.  But it was one thing in particular that pushed me to finally make the switch: the BlackBerry doesn't have Instagram.  And I wanted it.  Bad.  When I found out that I was eligible for an upgrade, I marched on down to the nearest Apple store, and the rest is history.  So far, I love my little iPhone - maybe too much.

If you've made it through my smartphone comparison banter and are still reading, I now get to my point:  HELLO INSTRAGRAM!  Yes, I realize Instagram is nothing new and I'm a little late to join the party.  I'm excited anyway.  I am semi-obsessive when it comes to documenting life through photographs (my dad is a photographer and I grew up with a dark room in my house), and Instagram makes fueling this obsession incredibly easy.  I just signed up a few days ago, but I forsee a long and happy relationship. 

If you are on Instagram, leave me your URL or user name in the comments section so I can follow you!  And if you like the few photos I have so far, you can follow me here, or under the user name bubbyandbean.

Oh - and a little off topic, but a few of you have asked what's been going on with the absence of Friday is For Favorites lately.  Never fear, it's still a regular series here at Bubby and Bean. It's just been pushed to the back of the line recently in place of the ridiculous amount of wedding posts I've had to share. :)  It will be back in full force next Friday, promise.

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  1. I could only dream of an iPhone or an android phone that supports Instagram! My samsung smartfhone doesn not even support any of allthe other photo apps there are on the E-net. I'm already looking foward t seeing all the lovely pictures you'll take :) Loved these first ones! x

  2. These are GORGEOUS!!! I don't have a cell phone, however my wife and I kinda sorta in a way share her mom's Android. I would LOVE love LOVE an iPhone so I could use Instagram!

  3. Love instagram too! I'm julielcoop !

  4. My husband and I just upgraded to the iphone a couple months ago from the Blackberry and we LOVE them. They are so cool and can do so much more than the blackberry. I will look you up and follow you:) I'm...jtsnowchick.

  5. I caved in too, "Never!". Never bit me in the butt and I got myself and iPhone haha! user: 'atthismoment' :)

  6. I am still clinging onto my 2 year old blackberry... when I'm rich, I'll buy an iPhone and follow you into the world of quirky photos! x

  7. yay! i love love love instagram! i was an avid blackberry user for a long time as well and just recently (may) hopped on the bandwagon and got an iphone. i was skeptical at first (i've had problems with apple in the past and i HATED that it was ALL touch screen), but i am so so happy with it. so many amazing things that you can do with this little device. so congrats!

    my name is mylittleartichoke on instagram :)

  8. I love Instagram! Your life will never be the same after this! Hope you had a great weekend :)

  9. i too am crazy about instagram! it's so wonderful.
    my user name is pattibacker, i'm going to follow you....your photos are lovely. have fun :)

  10. I love Instagram- it's definitely my favorite iPhone app! It's just so cool how you can transform photos from ordinary to eye-catching :)

    My username is starcrossedsmile on Instagram :)

    star-crossed smile

  11. I looooooove Instagram, I wish they made a version for Android!


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