Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our (D.I.Y.) Wedding Video!

D.I.Y. Wedding Video

Although we did not have a videographer for our wedding, we did have a few friends/family members who were kind enough to record bits and pieces of our big day with their iPhones and home camcorders.   In the spirit of the D.I.Y. vision we had for our wedding, Robbie and I decided to ask for copies of these recordings, and proceeded to have some editing fun.  We watched nearly 3 hours of footage, spent many hours editing, and finally put together this short 10 minute movie.  The video is very far from professional, but we love the fact that we did it ourselves.  By cutting and piecing together clips from different moments in the day, and adding photographs and music from our ceremony, we were able to create a visual memory of the best day of our lives. 

Anyone can do this.  You just need to have a video editing program, gather videos/pictures/music, and be prepared to exercise patience.  Some of the videos we used were high definition, but the majority were not.  We made the best of the lower quality clips by intentionally playing up the raw/home video effects. For editing, we used Windows Live Movie Maker because I'd used it a few times in the past, but looking back, I wish we'd used iMovie on our Mac.  If you decide to create a video of your wedding or event and have a Mac, I recommend going with iMovie, as WLMM has a lot of issues and limitations.  I also suggest transferring any files that may be on a flash drive or CD/DVD to your desktop before importing them into your editing software.  Visualize the style of your wedding as you're working, and try to incorporate that into the style of the video.  It's quite a bit of work, but if you split it up over time, it can become a really fun art project.  When you're done, upload the video to vimeo (my recommendation) or youtube so you can share it.

We loved putting this little film together (see below!) and hope you enjoy watching it!

Click here to watch this video on vimeo.

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  1. This is so sweet, Melissa! The little girls are so cute:)

  2. Awwww...I think it turned out great! Such a "homey" video!!! Fab - you looked stunning!



  3. This is beautiful and looks totally professional to me!!! Your vows were so awesome and funny, yet also made me tear up!! Thank you for posting and sharing with your readers and congratulations on a beautiful wedding.

  4. Great video Melissa! I watched it before reading the D.I.Y info :) and was wondering what software you used to put it together. I make slideshows for my family every year using Roxio...and although the program puts out a wonderful, professional looking video...it gives me nightmares. So many quirks that just don't work right!!! Maybe this year I'll try Windows Movie Maker. Congrats on your marriage...you looked beautiful and so happy!! Congrats to Robbie as well :)

  5. I just love your vows... too cute!

  6. this is so wonderful to have! how sweet! you guys are so cute :) the only footage i have from our wedding is of during our vows when i was crying lol i'd rather not see it again haha

  7. Melissa, who needs a professional videographer when you have all your close friends and family around, filming from their own perspective - so much worth it.

    The video you compiled is so so so alive and warm! Melissa, I had to stop it somewhere in the middle because I was already crying so hard I couldn't see anything!

    Beautiful, exciting, so natural and emotional... really, who needs anything more! The best DIY wedding ever!

    I wish you happiness and long years of love!

  8. i love this! it is even more special since you two put it together and your friends and family shot it! congrats again!!!


  9. Sooooo Cute! You can tell LOVE was in the air:)

  10. My internet connection is super slow, so the video won't load :( I can't wait to see it later.

    Getting to your question, I went on tour with Justin Townes Earle and Jason Isbell while they were double headlining on the west coast. I'll be posting more about it this week! XO, K

  11. This is so charming! I love it!

  12. this is beautiful, and so inspiring! what a lovely idea to take images from the view of the people you love most(:

  13. i tried to watch the vid yesterday, but my computer was being evil. melissa, were you trying to make me cry? while you walked down the aisle, & when you showed the beatles, at the end of the video credits. thanks for letting us share in your special day! i laughed too: "best friend, baby mama, cook the dead meat on your vegetarian hands." completely original & exquisite details like the photo shoot props, program, menu, the flag holding little one, high five finale. amazing dancers friends & fam you both have! i can tell they love you very much. great music selections, & well done video! who made those completely gorgeous paintings?

  14. Cuuute! What an inspiration..xox


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