Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10 Wonderful Winter Whites

winter whites

Technically winter may not begin until next month, but here in Chicago, it starts in November. Since I'm not exactly jumping for joy at tomorrow night's 33 degree forecast, I decided that all I can do is make the best of it with a little color love. I adore white in the wintertime, so I scoured the internet for some inspiring + beautiful white goodness.  Think of it as my ode to winter whites. Bring it on, November.

1. Woods wallpaper from Anthropologie.
2. Clair de Lune dress from ModCloth.
3. White agate quartz earrings from Balanced on Etsy.
4. Kitchen image via Parisian stylist Elodie Rambaud.
5. Chronograph cabinet knob from Anthropologie.
6. White kitchen via Country Living.
7. La Sardina Möbius Camera from Lomography.
8. Shakespeare book paper garland from Bookity on Etsy.
9. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland book from ModCloth.
10. Image from 'White Story' fashion spread via Italian Vogue.

Sigh.  All this gorgeousness almost makes me feel excited for winter. Almost.
What are you favorite colors for wintertime?

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  1. i woke up in denver with 6 inches of snow on the ground! winter is here for some of us unfortunately! lovely winter white finds :)


  2. I'm in love with that wallpaper! I'm currently honeymooning in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico so it's about 90 degrees. It's been fun, but I'm looking forward to going home where it'll be in the 50's-60's for the next week.

  3. Dammit, 33 degrees?! Guess I'd better enjoy the 60-ish we have today...

    Also, I love that Shakespeare garland. :-)

  4. Very pretty! It's in the sixties here in MS . . . but at least winter white is making an appearance in other parts of the country!

  5. Beautiful round up! I love winter, but maybe it's because it's so short here in Austin? The La Sardina camera looks pretty awesome too :)

  6. Love this look, but with the 2 boys, we keep far away from white anything.. it would look amazing, for the first 30 seconds.

  7. Great collection, but I'm not ready for winter just yet.

  8. Lovely collection! I've had that Modcloth dress in my favorites too. You and I are always on the same wave length. :)

    Talk about winter coming early, we had snow last Saturday! October is much too early for snow; we have all winter for that.

  9. Oh that wallpaper is just to die for!


  10. This post is beautiful!! Everything in it and the design too!! :-)

  11. Thanks so much for your comments everyone! Winter and I do not get along, but I'm trying to place nice :). I'm glad you like these picks!


  12. Nice selection, even though it's so wintry in content and context! Inevitable though winter is, I, too, am not too keen on the white stuff, although as a contrast to other colours, it's great.

    Saw you on blogging buddies and called to see what you get up to. Will be following you, and hope you'll do the same for me - I'm way behind you in the number you've got, but am getting there. You can find me at and see what I post about at if you are interested! Do hope you are.

    All the best. Isobel

  13. SO heavenly! I feel sleepy...: )

  14. Love this post! So inspirational! White works both for the winter and the summer :)

    That wallpaper is truely amazing!

    Have a lovely weekend! //Niina


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