Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Excuse Me, Do You Have the Time?

Modern Wall Clocks

Has anyone else felt a bit "off" over the last couple of days?  The whole daylight savings ending thing always seems to mess with with me.  When the sun begins to set I swear I'm instantly confused.  I also usually spend the entire first week constantly wondering what time it is.  Maybe I need to start a pretty clock collection, just for this time of year.

1. Modern Bamboo Owl Clock by Decoy Lab on Etsy, $68.
2. Vintage style Apple Green Wall Clock by Retro Planet, $35.99.
3. Cornell Dark Modern Wall Clock by Pilot Design on Etsy, $74.
4. Baby Blue Record Album Clock by Urban Outfitters, $16. 
5. Colorful Five After Flatware Clock by Modcloth, $42.99
6. Simple Plywood Wall Clock by Canoe, $85. 
7. Lime Green Wood Panel Cuckoo Clock by Decoy Lab on Etsy, $34.

Have you found yourself looking at clocks (or your phone) more than usual since the time change?

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  1. Oh, these clocks are so impressive! Each in its own way. I especially like 1, 3, and 7! How cute!

  2. Yes I feel totally messed up over it too! I feel like I never wake up when it gets dark so early!! I love all the clocks tho :-). Esp the green one and the silverware one.

  3. The owl clock is super cool!
    from Blogging Buddies team

  4. i love the green clock! so cute!

  5. the flatware clock is just so fun!

  6. I love the owl! And the cuckoo clock!

  7. the flatware clock is great. I would love it in my kitchen.


  8. I love all these clocks! I've had that owl clock hearted for like forever. And that Canoe clock is simple perfection. :)

  9. Love the silverware clock--how cute for a kitchen or breakfast nook.


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