Friday, November 4, 2011

friday is for favorites

131629_November Catalog


Time for a brand new edition of Friday is for Favorites!  For new readers, 'Friday is for Favorites' is my weekly series where I become a rebel, and break all of my own rules of design cohesiveness to which I normally adhere on the Bubby and Bean blog.  No themes, trend collections, or matching aesthetics here.  Just a random collection of things I happen to be loving on this very Friday.

1. Nearly every page of Free People's November catalog may or may not have made me drool.  I'll leave it at that.
2. There is nothing I like better than when practicality meets style. Boots and leg warmers may just be my new favorite thing. 
3. I'm digging this attitude, via Bits of Truth on Etsy.
4. Every piece of jewelry Moorea makes is pretty amazing, but these Autumn Chevron Dangles may just take the cake.
5. No, but really.  Isn't this banner from Sushipot Parts - handmade from vintage number flashcards - really freaking cute?  For someone who despises math, I have a thing for numbers, and am thinking this would look all kinds of cheery hung over my desk.  
6. That Kate Spade, always reading my mind.
7. I'm kind of mesmerized by the concept of the Lomokino movie maker. Released earlier this week, it uses any 35mm film to create hand-cranked movies.  Like jerky, silent, old, old, OLD school analog movies.  I love it when lost art gets brought back - the real way.

Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?  I'm going to spend tomorrow finishing up Bubby and Bean Art's 2011 holiday card line, and attempting round two at finding a winter coat (no, I still haven't found one; it's hard not to be picky when your current coat has been such a faithful pal).  And guess what happens tomorrow night?  The husband's band plays their final show of fall tour and he gets to come home until their Thanksgiving weekend run!  I know, I can't believe it either!  Daylight savings time ends tomorrow night too - but I won't even get started on that one.  The whole getting dark at 4 PM thing is just way too much of a downer topic to get into on a day as glorious as Friday.

May your Friday be especially fun and full of all your favorite things...

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  1. i'm definitely going to rock the boots and leg warmers look this month! it's getting cold here!

  2. if kids boots had zippers that big, it would make getting ready in the morning a lot easier!!

  3. those zipper boots are HOT. they sell them at Steve Madden... pricetag equals hot too... x

  4. I love the boots!! And the carpe diem print is hilarious

  5. Looove those boots! So amazing... hope you have a great weekend! Good luck finding a coat... mine from last year is still hanging around. :) Sea Marie

  6. Oh I forgot about Daylight Savings time!! I have a lot to do this weekend. I'm trying to get several projects finished to add to the shop. Love all your Friday picks!

  7. free people looks are remarkable. i drool over them too. i like the way the boots with the legwarmers & tights look, but i just can't get comfortable in the knee highs. good news about your robbie. :) oh, & here's my post about my guy dressed as bret michael's for halloween. somebody told me they thought he was axel rose.

  8. Love. ALL of it. I need to get some leg warmers :) Daylight Saving time ending is a major bummer though.


  9. I love everything. You got me in shopping mode.

    Found you on the Blogging Buddies forum. I'm your newest follower.


  10. Gah, those boots are amazing! Love them.

  11. "carpe the hell out of this diem" - LOVE!

  12. Thanks for your comments everyone! Teddi, I'm check out the link. :) Happy weekend!


  13. I love the look of your blog. Very clean and simple but fun and cool! I'm a new follower from blog buddies on Etsy.

  14. Love all of your picks...the boots, the hat, my favorite though is the attitude poster:)

  15. I hope that you had a nice weekend. it sounds as though you would have been busy! Daylight savings ended last week for us. I have felt a little blue as a result, but I am looking forward to sewing and crafting in the winter! I just had a look at your holiday cards! lovely!


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