Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Inside My Home (in my dreams) - Part 4

It's time once again to give you all a peek inside my (dream) home!  If you haven't seen past glimpses, you can view them here, here and here.  Although I'm kind of digging Nordstrom's whole "we prefer to celebrate one holiday at a time" thing (rather than bombard their stores with Christmas decor the day after Halloween, they wait until Thanksgiving), you can see that I do have a little bit of holiday ambiance going on inside of my (imaginary) abode.  Enjoy!

Just in case you didn't pick up on my not-so-subtle hinting, this isn't actually my house.  But as I've said in my past faux home tours, pretending is so much more fun than reality.

Do you ever daydream about your dream home?  And have you started decorating for the holidays yet?

Image sources from top:
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  1. you have good taste! my dream home would be full of colour and warmth.

  2. Love your choices. It has a clean airy feeling and yet - so inviting and cozy.
    Oh yes! Of course, way back when - I had to use the Sears and JCPenneys catalogs. LOL! The internet makes it a lot more fun.

  3. lovely! i love that lacey wreath, so delicate :) i love how bright and cheery all these images are!



  4. I play pretend all the time ;-) For instance, Pinterest is the best way to window shop. All of the pins in my "In the Home" board help me to pretend my home actually looked like the photos!

  5. That looks like my dream home during the holidays. le sigh... someday.

  6. All the time(!), and no, not yet. I have been making lots of holiday things though, mostly for the shop. I love all your picks. :)

  7. VERY nice dream home. My dream home is clutter free and perfectly decorated for the holidays. Guess I should go take down the spider decals from Halloween that are climbing up our front window! EEEK :)

  8. Beautiful and inspirational! I can't wait to decorate for Christmas!

  9. You sure do have good taste for your dream home!! I love how all the decor is simple and tasteful but fun!! I want to decorate for christmas now but I'm forcing myself to wait just a few more days. :-)

  10. I like how your dream home looks! I'm really liking that photo wreath. =) Great post.
    from Blogging Buddies

  11. Thanks so much for the comments everyone! I'm glad I'm not the only one who fantasizes about a pretend home full of goodness. :)


  12. i love your (dream) home!! it's very beautiful. i especially love the fireplace full of wood like that. very pleasing to the eye. and your bed with those two pups looks super comfy :)

  13. Oh I just adore that little breakfast nook, how sweet! These are lovely choices. it looks a little like my dream home too, haha!



  14. the house of your dreams is beautiful, I also love, imagine my house and find pictures of beautiful decoration, thank god I'm not alone: D


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