Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Favorite Vintage Holiday Gift Ideas

Over the weekend, the husband and I took a little trip to our favorite vintage shop for some holiday shopping.  The store is absolutely massive and full of so much goodness that we spent a few hours there.  I found so many items that would make seriously amazing gifts, so I decided to snap some photos and put together a little round-up of my favorites for you. 

If you have a great vintage store or antique mall closeby, or a favorite online vintage shop, I highly recommend considering adding some vintage goods to your holiday shopping list.  They make the most unique presents because you're giving special, one-of-a-kind pieces that have stories to tell.  It's also a really eco-conscious way to do your holiday shopping because you're essentially recycling!

1. Vintage ornaments make incredible stocking stuffers.  They also look beautiful incorporated into packaging.  Wrap a gift in kraft paper tied with twine, and attach a colorful antique ornament.  You'll have the prettiest package ever!
2. Give your sister or best friend a vintage dress for Christmas!  My little sis loves '20s and '50s fashion, and I know she'd be absolutely thrilled with a piece from either of these eras.  It's something that would become a really special + meaningful treasure in her closet.
3. Have a friend or family member who travels a lot?  A vintage suitcase or hat box would make an awesome holiday gift.  You could even spruce it up by putting a few small travel-related gifts inside.
4. A vibrant colored vintage alarm clock is perfect for someone who has to get up early for work.  So much cooler than a phone alarm.
5. I don't know many girls who wouldn't get ridiculously excited to find a vintage hat or shoes under the tree.
6. My dad is a photographer and has the most incredible antique cameras.  I know he'd love to receive a another vintage camera to add to his collection.  You can find them at all prices ranges, and they'd make a really special present for anyone with an appreciation for photography.
7. A vintage datebook or calendar would be such a fun addition to any office space, and a really fun gift for a coworker or friend who works in an office.
8. A friend or family member who is a vintage and antique fan would love an old rotary phone to display in their house (regardless of whether or not they still have a landline!).
9+10. Old glass bottles and jars are incredibly versatile.  You could give a set of them as is, or get crafty and make them into something else.  (Check out our Decoupaged Mason Jar Light DIY for some ideas!)
11+12. Do you have any music lovers on your list?  I have a lot of them!  I know my husband would love to get some old 45 records or a cool vintage radio on Christmas morning.
13. Vintage tea sets are so elegant and timeless.  If you have a friend who loves tea, a set like this one and some handmade tea would the perfect present.
14. Have little ones?  Vintage and antique toys are so much fun (and usually much better quality than the toys you'll find today!).  I would have adored this stove as a little girl.  I think I'd even adore it now, despite the fact that I'm not much of a cooking fan.  The design and color are just so rad.
15. A vintage typewriter would make a fantastic gift for a writer or blogger.  They're really easy to find too (we have three of them, all found at Goodwill!).
16. It's freezing cold in Chicago right now, but I can still think of quite a few people I know who would love a vintage fan.  Many of them were designed so well that they still work, and they're awesome to look at.
17. Do you have a friend who likes to throw parties in the summertime?  An antique cooler would be an amazing present.  These can be used as furniture too!  I have a friend who displays one at the end of her couch and stores blankets inside.
18. I love bright vintage chairs.  If a full set is out of your price range, considering giving just one in the recipients favorite color (for me, that would be yellow just like this one!).  It would add a pop of color to any room, and would be a great gift for someone who moved into a new home this year.  (The vintage speaker on the chair could be added to #11 and #12 above as a great present for a music lover).

For those of you still shopping like I am (I've barely started), I hope this little roundup gave you some unique ideas!  Have any of you purchased any vintage or antique items to give as holiday gifts this year?

P.S.  If you have any pets on your holiday shopping list, be sure to check out my favorite holiday gift ideas for pets!

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  1. Great finds! I was just wondering what is this vintage shop? I live in Chicago too!

  2. These are all AWESOME! I love love love that red alarm clock - so cute! Great finds!

  3. Very Cool! I love vintage..obviously as it is what I sell..but I would be thrilled to get a box of old ornate hardware or pieces parts or vintage ribbons or ephemera for Christmas!

  4. Wow! I would love to visit that shop!

  5. These are ALL so lovely :)

    I would love to put them on my Christmas list and wake up on Christmas morning with a stocking full of them ;)

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Niki @ LQM&M

  6. Great idea. A girlfriend of mine loves all things vintage (as do I) and she gave me the sweetest vintage wedding cake topper for my birthday. I just loved it!


  7. i was like is that real stove/oven? then i read your description. it's a toy! for inside us all, aren't we still childlike?

  8. I love all of it! I am still shopping too...ugh!

  9. Swoon... That vontage speaker in the last photo! or the pretty white/yellow tea set! oh my, I wish we had shops like this one nearby! x

  10. i love these! great inspiration, i do have a little bit of shopping still left to do! :)



  11. Awesome ideas! I love the way you talk us through each one.

    I am trying to give only handmade/homemade and vintage/recycled gifts this year. One of my most fab finds has been old children's books, some of which are so colourful and fun for kiddies today, and some of which are perfect for crafters/scrapbookers/artists etc. to use as materials!

  12. This post is awesome!!! I've been thinking about getting some vintage presents for people, and now I am really inspired to do just that!! :-)

  13. I'm jealous that you have such an awesome shop nearby! Our local GoodWill is kind of depressing and almost never has good stuff. I have already bought some vintage goodies to give as gifts this year, though, from Etsy and Ebay.

  14. Thank you all for your comments! I love it that some of you are giving vintage gifts this year! For those who asked, the vintage store is in Aurora (Chicago suburb). It's called Out of the Attic Antiques and it's about 30 minutes from the city.


  15. Okay, I need to know what store this is so I can go there too. :-)

    Totally agree about the appliances, luggage, and chairs. I just can't stay away.

  16. Appliances? Electronics, Paige. Use your words.


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