Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Ultimate Blogger Holiday Wish List Roundup!

"I really want one of these gorgeous ona bags to carry my camera and laptop.  Both are currently being carried in my old messenger bag I used in college, and it just isn't big enough, or padded enough to safely carry such precious cargo."  (Available at ONA, $309)
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"My one item would be the Kitchenaid Blender in pink!  To help grow my pink Kitchenaid collection for my dream kitchen!  (Now I just need to convince Mike to let me paint the cabinets a matching pale pink! Wish me luck!)"  (Available at Bed, Bath and Beyond, $99.99)
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"I'd love to receive the Walk Away with Bronze Dress!"  (Available at ModCloth, $167.99)
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"These wooden candle holders would be the PERFECT addition to my bedroom makeover; I love the natural beauty and appreciate that they've been re-purposed."  (Available at Worley's on Etsy, $16.50)
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"I have a vintage turntable that lives in my office, but I would love to have this bad boy so I can mount it to the wall in my tiny kitchen. Jamming out to music while cooking is my very favorite thing!"  (Available at Amazon, $59.18)
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"I want the Up, Up, and Array Bag, because why not?  A girl can't have enough bags!"  (Available at ModCloth, $62.99)
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"I would love these pj pants form Poor Pitiful Pearl because her pants are amazing!  I have one pair that I wear all the time.  These ones are made of thick material and would be perfect for this chilly weather here in Texas!"  (Available at Poor Pitiful Pearl on Etsy, $72)
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"I'm going for big and fabulous this year because I have been so super good!  I want the Canon 5D, and I want it right now!"  (Available at Amazon, $2,915)
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"We would love this vintage 1940s dress!"  (Available at Rococo Vintage on Etsy, $148)
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"I'd love to receive this Fiesta Deviled Egg Tray in plum!"  (Available at Amazon, $29.95)
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"I've been looking for the perfect Kindle case for months and finally found it in one of my favorite Etsy shops, Stash. Not only is it functional AND awesomely cute, but they're also donating $7 from each gadget case sale to an animal rescue!"  (Available at Stash on Etsy, $45)
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I would be so thrilled to have the Bubble Chartreuse Office Chair from CB2.  I have a habit of working on the floor, and I've been thinking that spending a good 10-12 hours a day in a fetal style ball probably isn't all that healthy.  This chair is so pretty that I might even be tempted to actually sit and work at my desk like a normal person! (Available at CB2, $199)

Bubby and Bean turned a year old last month.  I'd never really read blogs before I started this one, so 2011 was my first experience with the blogging community, and I'm SO grateful.  I've been able to discover some really inspiring blogs and connect with some truly awesome bloggers over the past year, and look forward to more in 2012!  If you're ever in need of inspiration and you're not already a reader of the blogs that participated in this roundup, I highly recommend checking them out.  Each one has something pretty rad to offer, and they're all among my very favorites on the web. 

Do you have one item you'd really love to find under the tree this year?  


  1. a record player you mount on the wall? how cool is that...and I love that vintage 40's dress.
    Found you from blogging buddies.
    - ourhometoyours

  2. Such an awesome list! I saw that record player somewhere else recently and thought it was a brilliant idea!

  3. This is an AWESOME list of gift ideas and bloggers!!!! I love so many of these blogs and can't wait to check out the Ones I don't know yet. I love that Ono camera bag and the kitchen aid blender and the blue vintage dress and the bronze dress and everything!! My one wish list item is a puppy lol but I'd take almost anything from this list too :-)

  4. i love all of these! and i love how to got so many fun opinions :)

    happy blog birthday too!!


  5. #6 is now officially on my wish list... along with the deviled egg tray in plum!

    LOVE being included in a list with all these amazing blogging goddesses

    Thank you Melissa!


  6. I would DIE for that Canon. Die. The tree bark candle holders are awesome too.

  7. So fun! I want a pink blender!

  8. I need a new desk chair also, and I looked at that one too. It's so hard to make a decision without being able to try them for many hours in a day to see if it's really comfortable, though. My current one seemed find when I sat in it for 2 minutes before buying, but it's just not. Great picks all around.

  9. Great list! I want #1 and #3.

  10. This is an awesome list, and an awesome group of bloggers. All star team! I love the desk chair and the 1940s dress the most I think. And the PJ pants. I might just be hoping for several of these things under our tree!

  11. ps I just visited all the blogs I didn't already know of and you are right, all super inspiring! This is a great post. :-)

  12. Great list! I'm inspired!

    Linda from

  13. Thanks so much for asking me to participate! I'll take one of each item please :)

  14. "Your" chair is awesome in that sunny yellow!

    Thanks for stopping by!
    I wish I could send you some peanuts!

  15. So much great stuff, that pink kitchen aid is Awesome!!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog today :)

  16. This is a wonderful little post. Thanks!

  17. wow, this is the most! that bronze dress is my new obsession.

  18. Awesome wish list and so great that everyone compiled it together ;)

    Visit my blog when you get a chance ;)

  19. Thanks so much for your comments everyone! It was so much fun to put this together, with the help of so many rockstar bloggers! Glad you enjoyed it :)


  20. These are wonderful - I am SO in love with that dress!!!


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