Thursday, January 19, 2012

boots + sales = the best thing about january

It's no secret around here that I'm not exactly winter's biggest fan, and I've mentioned several times that the majority of my wardrobe is composed of spring and summer clothing and accessories.  There is, however, one exception to this: boots.  I love me some boots.  And booties.  And boot-like shoes.  I've even been known to pair completely non-weather appropriate boots with my favorite summer dresses in the middle of August, absolutely willing to ignore the fact that my feet are sweating profusely beneath them.  It's true. 

If there is a particular pair of boots I happen to be eyeing, there is one little thing that will instantly transform them from something I kind of want to something I'm insatiably coveting: a sale.  And pretty boots at marked down prices are basically the best thing about January in my eyes.  I'll find myself having the best intentions to "just take a quick peek" at my favorite shoe websites late at night, only to realize an hour has passed during which I discovered 19 pairs of boots that I need, like right now.  That's what happens when a boot lover happens upon a really great bargain.  Last night I discovered that Macy's has some pretty amazing shoe sales online right now, and I fell in love with the beauties above.  Madden Girl booties for nearly half off?  Frye strappy tall boots for $60 off?  Steve Madden fringe wedge booties marked down over $70?  Yes, please.

What about you?  Are you a boot bargain lover like me? 

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  1. I am a major bargain shopper as well. I never pay full price and I am always looking for a sale or a coupon. Thanks for sharing this sale. I'm obsessed with Frye boots!!

  2. Yes!! Omg I love boots too. Especially sale ones. Dying over those fringe madden booties!!

  3. oh yes i'm most certainly a boot ho.

  4. Yes, I totally am!!! Also, um, WOW. I am in love with all of these, though especially Frye Jane boots. ♥.♥ I'm a total boot girl, honestly. That and a wedge girl. Show me a cute boot or a spunky wedge and I am head over heels.

  5. i only by boots when they are on sale! if you wait till february or march they are even cheaper!



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