Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Mexican Vacation Wish List // Guest Post by Scathingly Brilliant

Hello!  I'm Kate from Scathingly Brilliant.  As I'm writing this, the snow is piling up outside my window and the wind is beating against the side of my house. Even hot cocoa can't tame the raw winter chill in my bones. I'm going to be stuck in New Jersey during the freezing cold months, but that can't stop me from dreaming that I'm on a Mexico vacation, like Melissa is right now!  Here are some of the items I'm packing for my fantasy trip south of the border:

1. A retro one-piece swimsuit in a cool velvet blue.
A giant straw hat to keep the sunbeams from burning my skin. This peachy pink one with a huge brim would do the trick!
Pretty pink heart-shaped sunglasses. In Mexico I won't need rose-colored glasses but I'll be wearing them just the same.
4. My favorite book of short fiction, Nine Stories by JD Salinger.
Some happy music to tune out any noisy beach-goers.
Pretty grapefruit pink sandals. They're plastic so I can just rinse them off when they've been covered in sand!

Huge thanks to the lovely Kate for sharing her gorgeous vacation wish list while I'm away in Mexico.  I wish I had all of these amazing goodies with me right now!  Make sure you pay a visit to Kate's adorable blog and shop.  She is quite the talented artist!

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  1. Great choices! I'm loving those jelly sandals. Reminds me of being a little girl. :)

  2. I looooove everything here and wish I was on vacation too!!! Great picks!! :-)

  3. That straw hat is so great. Looks like the perfect vacation goodies!

  4. Yes! Yes! and more YES! Love this and totally agree on a new retro swimsuit. I love 'em!

  5. I'd be thrilled to have any of these in my suitcase before a magical journey... Fabulous picks.

  6. The straw hat and the pink heart sunglasses! So cute!


  7. The swimsuit is so cute and paired with the sunglasses, wow - I'm overdosing on cuteness!


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