Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Winter Wishlist // The Sunshine Edition

Since yesterday's post contained a disproportionally large amount of whining about my upcoming trip to Mexico, I thought I'd counteract it by rounding up some of the beachy/sunshiny things I'm coveting right now.  If I had a dream suitcase to bring with me on my trip, these are the things that would be filling it.

1. Feelin' Refreshed Dress, Modcloth.
2. Two-toned Sunglasses, Tumbleweeds.
3. Canvas Beach Tote, The Bag Outlet on Etsy.
4. Daisy Dee Earrings, Shabby Apple.
5. EOS 60D SLR Camera, Canon.
6. Petanque Necklace, Anthropologie.
7. Slice of Lime Ring, Vividot.
8. Wreck This Journal, Modcloth.
9. Hassock Flats, Blowfish.
10. Got to Fly Passport Cover/Luggage Tag, ModCloth.
11. Hot Dot Bikini, J. Crew.

Speaking of sunshine, it seems that Chicago's gorgeously mild winter has come to an end.  Within a 24 hour period, we've gone from 55 degrees and sunny to 30 degrees, 30 mph winds, and 3-6 inches of snow.  Sigh.  I'm currently crossing my fingers (like really hard) that the husband's flight home today isn't canceled.  On the bright side, this sudden shift to winter weather makes me much more appreciative of the fact that I'll be on a beach in less than two weeks!

What are you wishing for this winter? Warm weather goodies like I am, or do you like the wintertime?

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  1. the shoes, dress, and sunnies are totally adorable. i love your wishlist, they are all lovely. love your blog <3

    follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress! Well - really every piece is so awesome. I would take one of each!

    Happy Thursday,

  3. I love the dress and shoes! It's fun to look at brightly colored items this time of year.

    I live in Milwaukee, and we've had the same turn with the weather. :( I hope that your husband can get home okay.

  4. I'm loving all of this! I'm conflicted though because I've been waiting for snow and now I find myself wishing for summer!

  5. Love love love the shoes and sunglasses!! And I'm going to buy that awesome journal right now!! This would pretty much be my dream suitcase for a trip too haha :-)

  6. I love every single one of these! The colors are so lovely, and they make me imagine such a fun adventure!

  7. Great sunny choices! Love the bright colors.

  8. love the summer like post! i know winter just started but i am already kinda anxious for warm weather again!

    that bikini is so lovely!



  9. I LOVE those earrings! Just became your newest - and 100th!!!! follower. I LOVE your blog and look forward to following! Cant wait to read more posts-


  10. My husband travels for work, too! But he works for a PR firm and will be heading to the Twin Cities later this month. Definitely not as awesome as Mexico, especially in January.

  11. Thanks for the comments everyone! Paige, Robbie will be in the twin cities the first week in Feb for 3 days with the band. Mexico will be much nicer for him, I'm sure :)

  12. so cute! I love bright colors so these make me smile :)

  13. Such awesome and colorful items! The dress is super fun! I'll trade you nice weather in Baltimore for snow from Chicago-- as a teacher I've been missing out on the usual snow days we have around this time of year! :)

  14. Great wishlist!!
    I had a wreck this journal and it was so much fun

  15. The Feelin' Refreshed Dress is super sunny! It would put me in an instant good mood if I wore that. I love the winter but I hate the in-between weather we're getting here in London. It's not THAT cold, but it's certainly not warm either. One or the other please!!

  16. What a pretty passport cover! I wish I traveled enough to justify the few I already have, maybe that'll be my late New Years Resolution.


  17. sunshine smiles & rainbo brite. where are your sand toys? i'm serious.

  18. i could use some new clothes. i need more colours with color! winter is way too drab here!

  19. Great finds. I'm lovin' the hassock flats.

  20. #1 and #8 are my fav products! I love #1 because it's seriously the PERFECT warm weather dress!!! And I have #8 - it is SO much fun!!!

    I am half and half right now... I love Winter, and I love warm little Winter goodies like cozy sweaters and hot chocolate... However, I can't WAIT for Spring!

  21. Yeah I'll take the camera and the dress please, thank you! :)

  22. that dress is just so summery and cute!


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