Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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I know, I know.  Winter just started.  Two shorts weeks ago.  But it's been a heavy week or so here at Bubby and Bean, as we've processed Bubby dog's passing and reflected on where to go from here without our precious fur baby by our side.  Yesterday's post, in fact, was the most intense and personal I've ever gotten here.  It's been healing to be able to share what we're dealing with here on the blog, but I decided it was time to lighten things up a bit.  So today, I'm focusing on two things that are always sure to inspire and cheer me up: fashion and spring.

THOUGHTS ON FASHION // When I started this blog, there were all sorts of fashion posts, but they seemed to have trailed off.  I used to tease my husband about his reasoning for lack of interest in attending concerts for fun: "I feel like I'm going to work."  Then I realized that my lack of fashion posts (and/or inability to sit through an entire episode of Project Runway) can probably be attributed to the exact same thing.  I design clothes for a living, and when I'm trying to do something I enjoy, I just don't want to feel like I'm at work.  I really do love fashion though, work or otherwise.  So in 2012 I'm going to do my best to separate the work associations brewing in my subconscious and do more fashion posts.  This also means doing some "what I wore" type style posts.  I know that I said I'd probably never do these (a) because of the whole reminds-me-of-work thing I just mentioned, and (b) because I work from home and rarely even strip off my yoga pants during the week, much less brush my hair.  But one of the biggest requests I got in my reader survey a couple of months ago was to start doing outfit posts.  So because I love you, I'm going to do my best.

THOUGHTS ON SPRING // Yes, I know it's very far away.  But I live in Chicago, and during January and February, Chicagoans survive by keeping our eyes on the prize.

The images above feature some of my very favorite looks from various spring 2012 collections.  I adore the cuts, the cheery colors, the fabrics, and the prints.  More than anything, I am just a fan of spring and summer clothing in general.  For someone who resides in one of the coldest areas of the country, only a very small percentage of my wardrobe includes winter clothes.  Looking at these spring designs lessens the sting of the winter blues and make me look forward to spring.  Three months away or otherwise.

1. Louis Vuitton // 2. Kate Spade // 3. Lauren Moffatt // 4. Jill Stuart // 5. Ralph Lauren // 6. Charlotte Taylor // 7. Orla Kiely // 8. Louis Vuitton // 9. Lauren Moffatt

And on that cheery note, back to the heavy stuff for just a second...  I just wanted to say thank you one more time for the love and kindness you guys have shown us over the past couple of weeks.  I mean this sincerely. Neither Robbie nor I are strangers to loss in our lives, but something about losing Bubby dog has hit us harder than anything.  Seeing just how many people were touched by him makes us feel like his presence on this earth left a very special mark.  The comments, emails, and donations to the senior dog organizations in his memory have touched more than I can put into words.  So thank you.  From us, and from Leary dog.

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  1. I am totally looking forward to spring fashion too and I love everything you picked here!!! Very cheerful :-). Also I love that you're going to start doing outfit posts, it would be great inspiration!!

  2. i'm loving the colours! can't wait for spring!

  3. We're in summer here at the moment and I'm digging the bright, bold colours that are trending. Pastels that tend to emerge in spring make me look washed out and sick. I might just stock up on the brights... you know, make hay when the sun shines!

    PS I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  4. I kind of feel like Chicago has skipped over winter so far! It's supposed to be almost 50 for several days again...

    Although, I bet I just jinxed us. My bad.

  5. guess what your i noticed immediately about your spring in winter looks? they feature your favorite color sunshine yellow, well not all, but at least they hint at it.

  6. I love these springy looks and the bold colors! Very cheerful on a winter's day. Also, much love as you get through this time of loss.

  7. Such pretty sherberty colors. Makes me excited for Spring.

  8. I love those candy colors. And yeah, I'm with you on the "eyes on the prize" bit. The wind chill here was six degrees yesterday. Six. And January has only just begun! Ugh.

  9. Thank you for your comments guys! I am officially on the spring countdown, ready to organize my closet for spring and summer :)


  10. I adore the outfits in 2 & 7. The colors are just so light and cheery! ahhh!

  11. #4 just makes my heart melt….I love your blog! New follower :)

  12. i love these colors, such a pretty collection of spring looks! i am so ready for my spring wardrobe, i am not much of a winter fashion person either.


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