Friday, February 10, 2012

friday is for favorites

strawberry margarita popsicles

Time for a brand new edition of Friday is for Favorites!  I've been slacking a little on the favorites posts so far this year, but I came across so many bits of awesomeness this week that I just had to share.  For new readers, 'Friday is for Favorites' is my weekly series where I become a rebel, and break all of my own rules of design cohesiveness to which I normally adhere on the Bubby and Bean blog.  No themes, trend collections, or matching aesthetics here.  Just a random collection of things I happen to be loving this particular week.

1. I'm kind of dying over the new pastel pallet of dresses and separates over at  All the pretty soft shades and super cute cuts make me sooooo excited for spring.

2. Umm, hello!  Whoever decided to combine Mexican cocktails and popsicles is clearly a genius.  These yummy treats make me pine for summer.  Since summer is still far away (sigh), a time travel machine that took me back to sitting poolside in Mexico would suffice.

3. I've been on a late '60s vinyl kick all week, with these four albums on the top of my playlist.  Love me some Dylan.  (Photo via my Instagram.  Are you on Instagram?  Let's be pals!  You can find me at @bubbyandbean).

4. Always be proud of yourself.  I really, really love this pretty little reminder from Five Words.  So important.

5. I've wasted far too much time this week drooling over the adorable mani tutorials over at the Beauty Department.

6. Wow.  Two of my favorite things in the whole word (travel and dresses, duh!) in one seriously chic little number.  If I can make it through the weekend without buying this dress, it might be a small miracle.  Thanks ModCloth!

What are your plans this weekend?  I'll be laying low, trying to catch up with work stuff (taxes, yuck), and counting down 'til Monday when I get to pick my sweetheart up from the airport for 24 hours at home!  Since the band has a show on the 15th, he has to leave Chicago again on Valentine's Day, so we'll be celebrating a day early.  I'm gonna get all crafty on Sunday and make him a big ole' construction paper Valentine - it's sort of a V-Day tradition around here.

I hope you're having the best Friday ever, and that your weekend is equally full of all things awesome. 

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  1. Love all of these! The pastels are super pretty & always love me some TBD!
    xx. Jillian

  2. Map dress! I know of a great home for you.

  3. LOVE all these favorites!!! The map dress is awesome. And the strawberry margarita popsicles...Look way fun! =)
    from Blogging Buddies

  4. That pink polka dot dress!!!!

  5. Love the map fabric. Would make great curtains.

  6. um, el número dos! sí, por favor. y gracias. lol.

  7. "good day sunshine." name the band that sings that song. i admired the nails, but don't have the patience to attempt that magic. ;) my plans, are friends, family, funeral, & fun.

  8. I love the mix of items here! It's nice to daydream about summer things like cool drinks in the middle of winter. Someday we can enjoy them again.

    Link up your Friday Feature with me!

  9. I love the pastels! And the lovely little nail designs! Eep!!
    XO Heather

  10. Great friday favorites!
    the margarita popsicles look AMAZINGLY yummy.

  11. The map dress is so me! I want one!

  12. Holy cannoli! Where do I begin?! I'm positively drooling over those popsicles and those painted nails are *perfection* - my favorite is the striped with red heart ones. Eep! <3

    Also, the be proud of yourself quote is love. ^_^

  13. Oh my gosh those Popsicle look so amazing! I MUST make those! Being that it is winter - with a side of hot tea of course! The nail painting is awesome too. I wish I could paint my nails but as a printmaker - I ruin nails with paint and ink in no time flat.

    Happy Friday - Brandi

  14. Map fabric! Oh my goodness. Also, I agree. Ruche is doing something magical lately with those colors :)

  15. Those popsicles look so good. And love the cute nails too! Hope you're having a good weekend! :)

  16. Thanks for the comments you guys! Glad you like this week's faves!


  17. SUCH a lovely post - I absolutely adore the your vinyl collection!


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