Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Wedding Featured on Rock N' Roll Bride!

A few weeks ago, I got an email from the fine folks over at Roll N' Roll Bride letting me know that they'd be featuring our wedding.  I may or may not have let out an audible yelp, because they are by far and away my absolute FAVORITE wedding blog.  The feature actually posted last week, but my internet access was so sporadic in Mexico that I decided to wait to post about it until I could actually take the time to properly profess my love for them.  Their review of our big day was so sweet, and I was extra excited by the kind things they had to say about our little DIY wedding video.  If you have a minute or two, I'd love for you to check out the piece they wrote (and maybe even leave them some comment love!).

Rock N' Roll Bride is amazing in every way.  Truly.  When I was planning our wedding last year, I turned to them on a daily basis for inspiration.  Planning a wedding is incredibly overwhelming as it is, and when I first started searching the internet for ideas, I ended up feeling completely bombarded by the immense amount of wedding websites I came across. I was both thrilled and relieved to find Rock N' Roll bride - they really stood out from the rest to me.  The weddings they feature are really unique, and I love that they focus on individuality and creativity.  They were even named "Best Wedding Blog" of 2011 by Cosmopolitan Magazine!  Also, the editor, Kat, is so cool.  SO cool.  If you have a wedding coming up (or even if you just like weddings), I highly recommend bookmarking their site. 

Huge thanks again to Kat and the Rock N' Roll Bride gang for featuring us - we're so honored and grateful!

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  1. What a super cool site - love that they are a little off the norm. Your wedding photos are so beautiful. Congratulations on both the feature and your wedding! I have been married for nearly 20 years so it has been a while since I walked that aisle.

    Happy Thursday - Brandi

  2. I love Kat, this is awesome, congratulations!

  3. that's so awesome! congrats on the feature :)

  4. They are my favorite wedding website too!! This is huge, congrats!!! :-)

  5. Hello! - I've been a follower for quite a while - I'm visiting from "blogging buddies". Here is my blog:

  6. Ohh! Thats so awesome! Congrats on being featured :)

  7. This is SO AWESOME!!! HUGE Congrats to you, Melissa! =)
    from Blogging Buddies

  8. I am temporarily delurking to say good for you! Yay, how exciting! I am currently in the process of planning my own vintage/DIY-style wedding, and my top inspiration sites are currently: Ruffled, Style Me Pretty, RocknRoll Bride, and...most recently...BUBBY AND BEAN! I found your blog a few days ago and haven't stopped browsing since! :)

    Hope you don't mind if I "borrow" some of your amazing DIY ideas for my own wedding! ;) Your blog is beautiful; I especially love your focus on pretty colors!


    1. That's so sweet Chelsea. Love that you're inspired by our ideas - that's why we share them here! :)

  9. That is sooo awesome! I am hoping one day this happens to me and I get featured somewhere! You guys are also super adorable and I love your blog!



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