Wednesday, February 29, 2012

tell us what to make! (+ a leap day coupon from my clothing line)

*To redeem, enter code LEAPYEAR at Valid today through 3/2/12.

Good morning!  I thought I'd share with you guys the e-newsletter that we sent out today from my eco-friendly clothing line Mountains of the Moon.  We're in the process of making some changes, and want to know what our customers (and you!) would like to see us make in terms of our product line.  If you have a couple minutes, I'd love it if you could take the quick survey mentioned above.  And if you don't take the survey, no worries - you can still take advantage of the awesome discount we're offering to celebrate Leap Day. 

Thanks for reading my little business plug!  And yes, today is Leap Day!  It's kind of a cool concept, right?  Once every four years, you get a whole extra day.  Seems like the perfect occasion for a special coupon to me.  (And for a special giveaway...  Today is the last day, in fact, to enter our current giveaway, which includes a gift certificate to Mountains of the Moon, among several other rad prizes.)

Are you doing anything special with your extra day?  I'm not (other than working a lot, as usual), but I still hold my belief that this day is sort of magical.  Just sayin'.

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  1. I must tell you - I loved getting this e-newsletter today! What a great way to engage your customers. Have a lovely day! Don't work too hard. xo

  2. That dress in the top photo is so cute!!! I want it! So thanks for the coupon haha! :-). I'm working today, nothing special. But it is a cool to have an extra day. Going to take survey now!!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the coupon. Will take survey. Happy Leap Day! :)

  4. Thanks guys! And thank you so much for all who took the survey. We are completely overwhelmed by the awesome response and can't wait to brainstorm using everyone's suggestions! xo, m


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