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Spring 2012: Earth Inspired Jewelry
I am forever smitten with spring.  It's true.  When dreary, colorless clouds are replaced with cerulean skies and a soft, butterscotch sun, I feel reborn.  I spy daffodils peeking their petals through the dirt and I feel instantly rejuvenated.  I study tree branches everyday, anxiously awaiting the first glimpses of tiny green buds.  And when they finally arrive, I know it's time.  Spring is here. 

Even though I live in a mostly urban environment, when it's spring and summer, I feel very connected to the earth.  I actually spent many years living in much more rural locales (the mountains of Colorado and Oregon), but during the warmer months, I feel even more inspired by nature now that I live in a place where concrete overshadows green.  With my eager anticipation of spring's arrival and all the beauties of nature that come along with it, I've been finding myself very drawn to earthy, nature-inspired jewelry. 

The pieces featured in this post are some of my current favorites.  Each one possesses a quality that is very earth-centered to me.  Some feature bold colors that hint at spring flowers and vibrant skies.  Others are raw and organic and blissfully rough.  And some, touched with brass or gold, remind me of how the sun shines down on a spring morning, all warm and glowing and new. 

In their own ways, these pieces of jewelry all evoke elements of spring and the simple pleasures that accompany those first weeks of finally being able to spend more time outdoors.  I'm so ready. 

1. Awesome, edgy brass 'Spike an Interest' necklace via ModCloth.
2. Ridiculously cool stacked vintage brass 'Mesa Necklace' by Laura Lombardi.
3. Elegant brass and beechwood bracelet by the Garden Studio.
4. Beautiful beaded feather 'Rayni Earring' by my sweet friend Laura of Roots and Feathers.
5. Simple + stunning white agate gold-plated 'Huarayo' dangle earrings via Shopbop.
6. Gorgeous brass/turquoise 'Terrestrial Earrings' by another blogger pal, the talented Moorea Seal.
7. Sunny, vibrant neon Aztec faux feather earrings by Love Sexton.
8. Seriously striking quartz and tourmaline ring by Bjorg Jewelry.
9. Pretty raw turquoise nuggest necklaces by The Vamoose.

What about you?  Are you a fan of jewelry that incorporates earth-inspired elements? 

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  1. Beautiful. Love nature, especially now when everybody is anxious to play outside, plant garden .... Soon!

  2. These are soo beautiful! Those leather feather earrings & that mint gold cuff...I'm so in love!

  3. Oh yes I am!! Just found some new "gotta haves" too much fun=)

  4. Beautiful round up! Those painted feather earrings are crazy awesome!

  5. These are all so pretty!!! I love the turquoise earrings and the big crystal ring!! I really like earthy jewelry right now too. :-D

  6. what a pretty collection. i love the bracelet in the top photo so much.

  7. SOOOoooo pretty. I Love all of these!!! Thank you for including me :)

    xo Moorea

  8. Ah!! I love that ring. I think chunky raw jewelry is so gorgeous!!

  9. yes, i'm a fan. i bought my 1st pair of feathers in 2008. the roots & feathers, & love sexton pieces speak to me today, but they are all glorious!

  10. Why why why must you do this to me? SUCH gorgeous picks!!!
    I have a feather obsession so those Love Sexton earrings caught my eye for sure! I'm eager to start working with real feathers in my jewelry (lots of feather charms in the meantime!

  11. Wow, great choices! Love the colors!

  12. I don't need to see the buds on the trees, my allergies tell me when it's spring. lol

  13. Thank you for your comments you guys! I love that you're digging earthy jewelry too. :). xo, m

  14. Thanks for putting this together, I love finding new shops, and you have fantastic taste!!!

  15. Everything here is so stunning and inspires me to get some pretty new jewelry for spring!

  16. Earth inspired jewelry speaks to me. The colors, the materials, the forms... we have come a long way in our development and yet we are so far from nature, aren't we? Thankfully, some of us have still not closed their path back.

  17. Oh the top 3 pieces are so gorgeous! Gah.


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