Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Style >> Tangerine + Coral = Infinite Springtime

I decided to break free from the stand-against-my-beige-dining-room-wall photos and venture into the world of (gasp!) posing in public for this edition of My Style.  Since Robbie is home this week (and a much better photographer than I am), he graciously offered to come with me to one of our favorite local nature preserves and snap some shots. It was a seriously gorgeous day, and everything outside looked so fresh and colorful, so I decided to wear what is quickly becoming my go-to outfit for spring.

Last week, I expressed my undying affection for maxi skirts, and this one happens to be one of my very favorites.  I love the color and fabric, and I've been wearing it on a pretty regular basis with simple v-neck tees.  This particular tee is my #1 choice for this skirt, mainly due to the fact that I adore tangerine and coral.  Honestly, 'adore' isn't even a strong enough word to explain my current obsession with these colors.  I'm smitten.  Head over heels.  Together, they're like infinite springtime.  I'll stop before I start to sound insane (because, you know, they're colors, not puppies or babies), but it's true.  I love them. A lot. Okay. I'm done. Really.

I mentioned that this has become my go-to spring outfit, but let me tell you - when I added the yellow trim floppy hat that I picked up last weekend while shopping with my sister, I felt even more spring-y.  I almost starting skipping and making dandelion crowns and singing 'Here Comes the Sun' by the Beatles, but there were already people staring at us so I restrained myself.   By the way, Robbie thinks this hat is funny and calls it my "Easter bonnet."  He actually laughed when I first walked in the door wearing it, because he assumed I picked it up in the $2 Easter bin at the grocery store and thought I was wearing it as a joke.  Boys are dumb.

I'm pretty sure that putting on any sort of long skirt or dress triggers fond subconscious memories of my years following bands around the country and sleeping in VW buses, because I'm automatically drawn to pairing them with bohemian-style accessories; hence the pretty feathers earrings (handmade by my sister), turquoise necklace, simple leather sandals, and usual arm party of bracelets.  This also includes anything with fringe, like this awesome white fringe clutch, which might just be my most favorite recent purchase.  It's actually a purse, but I like tucking the handle inside because something about a clutch makes any outfit feel just a tiny bit more chic, doesn't it?

Skirt: ModCloth  // Tee: Urban Outfitters
Feather Earrings: handmade by my sister  
Sandals: MIA  //  Hat: Forever 21 //  Purse: Target 
 Eagle Necklace: gift from Laura // Turquoise Necklace: thrifted

For me, the biggest perk of this look (aside from the glorious color combo) is the fact that it's super casual but still "dressy" enough to wear to dinner or on a date.  Tuck in the tee, switch the sandals out for some pretty wedges, and you're good to go.  I've worn it out a couple of times, and I've also thrown it on for incredibly unglamorous errands like running to the store for toilet paper and dish detergent.  It's easy like that.

Do you have a particular outfit this spring that you find yourself wearing over and over?

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  1. I love the hat even if Robbie thinks it's silly! It is perfect for spring. Great outfit and the beautiful turquoise necklace is the perfect accent!

  2. BEAUTIFUL photos. I've been reading your blog for a little while and just wanted to stop by and tell you how much I love it. Beautiful design, beautiful photography and a ton of heart and thoughtfulness thrown into every post.

    This outfit is to die for. I am a HUGE fan of the tangerine and coral combination.

    Just wanted to say hi!
    xo, Natasha
    paper crowns

  3. There's nothing about this I DON'T love. You are gorgeous, the colors are pure perfection, and you are perfection. :)

  4. absolutely ADORE these photos! great colors in your outfit!!

  5. These are some of my favorite colors, and make up half my wardrobe! Love the outfit you are wearing, so pretty!

  6. Beautiful! I love how the turquoise necklace just pops off the tangerine. There is just something about complimentary colors that feels so right.

  7. melissa, these photos of you, that robbie took are GLORIOUS! fashion model pretty girl. i <3 the yellow (Easter bonnet) hat. i want that purse too. i really like how you combined the colors & elements together to create this wonderful spring ensemble. your VW bus following bands, days, remind me of the movie "almost famous." ;)

  8. "I could write a sonnet/ about your Easter bonnet..." Now I have this song stuck in my head, though truth be told, having the Judy Garland version stuck in my head isn't so bad ; ]

    Beautiful pictures! I especially love the one of you in the hat in the second (set) of pictures, sitting on the bench. Just lovely!

    And I do wish I had a go-to Spring time outfit, but so far Mother Nature has been unable to make up her mind here and keeps going back and forth between sunshine and rain. I think I want the sun more than she does right now!

  9. Super cute look! Love love love your hat and fringe purse!


  10. Great outfit! Perfect for spring!
    Visiting today from Blogging Buddies.

  11. Gorgeous outfit!!! I love the colors of the skirt and tshirt together, and those sandals!! I also love the hat, I'm going to get me one of those! :-)

  12. goodness you are so so beautiful! and i share your semi-crazy-obesession about how certain colors just are so amazing. totally understood you there! and your right, your outfit does look like it would make you want to skip around in a field of flowers singing the beatles, ha ha! love it all. xo

  13. girl, you are absolutely gorgeous! love this whole look on you. come to nj and lets hangout!

  14. gorgeous outfit and pics! i need that purse and the hat.

  15. this outfit is so pretty! i love the colors :)

  16. Lovely colours, they totally suit you!
    You look gorgeous.

  17. love that color combo! and i love that spring is an excuse to put such colors together. yay for spring!

  18. I love your blog/title! We call my dog Bean! Tangerine is a great color btw!

  19. I've been searching for a big floppy hat to wear at the shore! I guess Forever 21 is my go!

    You look absolutely heavenly in this set! I love it.

    xo kristen

  20. I just adore outfits that are chic and still comfy. I think I need to get myself a maxi skirt...

    Lately I am obsessed with the color coral and teal. <3 I think they are so pretty and look great together! That and gold. I love gold. I almost never wear an outfit without something gold in it.

    And yes spring is just lovely!! You're getting me all excited to go driving and do some errands tomorrow. Thanks. :)

  21. How lucky that you have a husband who's good at taking pictures! (Mine is not.) I really dig the pop of turquoise in your necklace with this. Very pretty!

  22. Jeez, you guys are awesome. Thanks for the compliments! Robbie's photography just makes me look better - he knows how to get the perfect angles to hide my wrinkles and zits! Glad you like to outfit and color combo too. :) xo, m

  23. These pictures are stunning and so is your outfit! I really like that color combination and the way you styled everything.

  24. You look so pretty, your blog is really lovely x


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