Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mama's Day (Last Minute-ish) Gift Ideas

last minute Mother's Day gift ideas

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned at least a couple of times here that I am a total procrastinator when it comes to getting gifts.  It's not that I don't like shopping or getting other people presents, because those are actually two activities that I enjoy tremendously.  To be honest, I'm not exactly sure why I wait until the last minute, except that I seem to do better with most any type of project when there's pressure involved.  It's true.  Sigh.

Whatever the reason, Mother's Day is this Sunday (yup), and I still need to get something for my awesome, rockstar mom.  I usually try to make her a special gift, but I like to buy her a little something too.  Lucky for me, we have similar taste.  So despite any pressure brought on by my procrastination, it's always fun to shop for her.  And since I've already been looking, I thought I'd share some of my favorite finds with you guys.

1. Teak Bath Accessories at CB2 // $6.95-$24.95
2. 'Very Favorite Person' Art Print by Bubby and Bean Art (that's us!) // $20
3. Arrow Bangle by Kate Spade // $58
4. What Would Audrey Do? Book // $14.99
5. Midnight Garden Watch Necklace by Vividot // $40
6. Handmade Wine Glass Charms (Set of 6) by Miss Misc Metals on Etsy // $21
7. 'Make Do and Mend' Tea Towel at ModCloth // $9.99
8. Bookstripe iPhone Case by Kate Spade // $35
9. Symbology Coasters at Anthropologie // $10 each
10. Mini Air Plant Terrariums (Set of 3) by eGarden Studio on Etsy // $15.50

Have you gotten (or made) a gift for your mama (or grandmama, or friends-that-are-mamas) yet?

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  1. some lovely ideas there!

  2. I'm usually a last minute shopper too, but I somehow managed to get my mom's gift really early this year! That watch necklace though, I think I need that for myself.

  3. Great ideas! Stopping by from Blogging buddies.

  4. These are all really cool, stylish ideas! I'm super last minute too so this helps me a lot actually :-)

  5. lovely pieces! i like the make and mend book



  6. Cool finds! I really like the mini air plants, they look low maintenance!

  7. Fantastic finds! I love that bracelet. Found you on the etsy blogging team. You have a really wonderful blog. Very inspirational.

  8. What Would Audrey Do is amazing!

  9. I love these! Definitely getting a late start on mother's day... whoops.

  10. Really great ideas. I'm usually good about ordering things on time but I'm late this year.

  11. I love the teak accessories! They remind me of really nice boats and boat decks! Of course I see the beach and ocean in everything! These would look so beautiful in my coastal bathroom!

  12. Great ideas Melissa, I want everything for myself! xx

  13. So glad you guys like these ideas! xo, m

  14. I agree with everyone else--great finds!
    Unfortunately my mom doesn't like a lot of "stuff" so half the time I buy her something it ends up unused. (She prefers gift cards, but where's the fun in that right?) Her betta fish just died, so I went out and bought her a new mini aquarium to keep a new fish in (hopefully this one will last longer!) I couldn't wait, so it's already set up and ready haha. But I'm sure my dad and I will take her out to breakfast or something on Sunday : ]


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