Friday, June 1, 2012

friday is for favorites

ombre manicure tutorial

Time for another edition of Friday is for Favorites!  For new readers, 'Friday is for Favorites' is my (almost) weekly series where I become a rebel, and break all of my own rules of design cohesiveness to which I normally adhere on the Bubby and Bean blog.  No themes, trend collections, or matching aesthetics here.  Just a gathering of a few random things that I happen to be loving this particular week.

1. Everything about this Mara Hoffman bikini is basically perfect:  the bandeau style top, the high-waisted bottom, the rad folk-y animal print...  If anyone has a lot of extra cash sitting around and wants to buy this for me as a half-birthday present or something, by all means, feel free.  I'll wear it tons, promise.

2. Seriously, this is the best reminder ever.  The older I get, the more I realize how true (and important) this is.  I spent my 20s feeling guilty nearly every time I put work aside to do something fun or just relax. I don't feel that way anymore.  I relish "wasting time," and I feel much more motivated and inspired once work time rolls around again.  This is your life, you guys.  Go waste time this weekend.  That is an order.  (This amazing image by Fifty Five Hi's is officially my new desktop wallpaper, and can be yours too.  Find it here.  P.S. It's free.)

3. The Beauty Department always has the best manicure tutorials, and I think this one might just be my all-time favorite.  I love how the ombre effect is achieved by "staining" with a sponge.  It's subtle, and you only need three colors.  Plus it looks simple enough that even the self-mani-challenged (hi, that's me!) could do it all by themselves.  Weekend project.

4. This photo defines summer.  Sunshine, flowers, blissful laziness. I may not spend the majority of my summer days lying topless in a daisy field, but I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to the idea either.

5. The Aztec Union Bracelet from Threadsense would definitely be my summertime arm uniform.  I love the tribal pattern of the metal, the turquoise stone, and the price tag ($22).  Plus, don't you think it would look super chic no matter what you wore?  Maxi dress and this bracelet: check.  T-shirt and jean shorts and this bracelet: check.  Old ripped pajamas and this bracelet: check.

6. Pretty sure I could live (or at least spend ridiculous amounts of time) in the Knotted Melati Hanging Chair from Anthropologie.  I can't afford a $498 hanging chair, but that's beside the point.  It looks really freaking cozy, and would look amazing under the big willow tree in my imaginary backyard.

7. When you combine ankle boots with sandals, add fringe, and make them out of vegan leather, they are undoubtedly going to be awesome.  And these shoes from, called 'Hike it a Lot' (get it? get it?) are, indeed, awesome.  Want.

What are you plans for the weekend?  I have to get caught up on some work stuff, which is incredibly unexciting but necessary.  Thankfully, I also have some fun plans that include meeting friends for dinner, shopping with my rockstar mom, and attending my friend Annie's baby shower on Sunday.  Robbie gets home from the festival he's working Sunday too, so I'm hoping for a simple, relaxed dinner date Sunday evening.  And of course, I plan on following the motto from my #2 favorite above, and enjoying wasting a little time as well.  

Before I go, I have to point out a few new things around here, in case you didn't notice them.  I've done a few design changes to the blog to celebrate the start of a new month (and the first official month of summer!).  There's a brand spanking new header and some minor new design changes to items in the sidebar.  AND, I have an awesome group of new and returning sponsors for June!  Sponsors help Bubby and Bean to exist and grow, so I hope you'll take a minute or two to check out their blogs and shops by clicking on their pretty little ads in the right sidebar.  If you're viewing this in a reader, just click here to view the updated design and new sponsor goodness.

I'm outta here!  I hope you guys have an absolutely wonderful weekend.

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  1. That bikini is so awesome. A splurge, but well worth it--I love it!!


  2. wow...the most amazing bikini ever! so cute!

  3. i love this series so find such CUTE stuff. (!)

  4. that bikini is everything i've every wanted in one! so unique and bright and just plain awesome. kinda breaks my heart that is a mara hoffman though.. a tad bit too expensive for my budget. i swear every time a suit catches my eye online or in print it ends up being a mara and i sigh. but still adorable!

  5. I need those shoes!!!! I love the time not wasted desktop wallpaper too, for sure downloading it!!! And your new header and side bar designs look amaze!!! :-D No big plans for my weekend, hope you enjoy yours. :-)

  6. i love the little changes you made you your blog! also i love all of your favorites, especially that bikini! it is amazing and i want it on my body and my body next to a pool :)


  7. I love that ombre mani. I saw that on pintrest last week, and have yet to try it out...need to! Also, if I had enough $$ to buy you that bikini I so would because it's the cutest thing everrrrr!, but like you I am also monetarily challenged LOL!

  8. Oh, that ombre mani is so smart! I've seen nails like that before and figured they had crazy hand control or something, but it's just a sponge! I can totally handle that. :-)

    Have a good weekend!

  9. I love the print of that bikini! And I'm still not sick of anything ombre...not sure I ever will love the nails too. Have a good weekend. xo, Mary

  10. Great list of things! Would love to know how your ombre nails go, it looks hard to do! Have a great weekend x

  11. Gorgeous post so many amazing things in the list!


  12. Thanks for the comments you guys! :) xo, m

  13. I love everything about this post! Especially the swim suit :) Yes, please.


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