Friday, July 6, 2012

Beating the Heat // Pools Days + Weekend Plans

Happy Friday you guys!  I am in Indianapolis today, where it is currently a balmy 101 degrees outside.  It was 100 when I left Chicago yesterday, and it has been insanely hot like this all week.  I'm not complaining; I would take triple digit temperatures over Chicago winters every single day.  But realistically, it does make it a little more difficult to enjoy yourself outside. 

When I was a little girl, my favorite things about super hot days were running through sprinklers, local pools, water balloons, ice cream and popsicle outings, running around barefoot (always), and slip and slide (my all-time favorite).  And although I'm fairly certain that all of these activities would be equally enjoyable as an adult (it might actually be time to make my own slip and slide), time and obligations just don't allow like they did in those days.  Today is going to be an exception though.   I came down to Indianapolis so that Morgan and I could work on some projects and brainstorming for the blog (we have some awesome plans!), but we decided that we need to take a break this afternoon and go hang by a pool for an hour or two.  One of my favorite ways to beat the heat is pool/lake breaks, and it's not a treat that I often get.  So I'm pretty excited. 

After our pool break, we have some more work to do, and then we're going to grab some dinner and cocktails and (finally!) see Moonrise Kingdom.  Then tomorrow, after some more work and planning, we're heading to White River Park to see Robbie and the band play here in Indy.  (It's supposed to be 104.  Would that be totally inappropriate if I set up sprinklers backstage?)  And on Sunday, Robbie and I head back home to Chicago to see Wilco play Sunday night.  It's a full weekend both work and play-wise, which is exactly what I need after spending last weekend being blissfully lazy.

Do you have anything fun planned this weekend?  What are you favorite ways to beat the heat?  (Psst...  The winner of the Summer Celebration Giveaway will be announced this weekend, so be sure to check back!)

P.S.  Just a quick soap box moment...  My sister's dog Isis starts panting after just a couple of minutes outside in this madness, so she's been spending a lot of time lying on the tile floor inside and lapping up cool water.   If you have animals who stay outside in this weather, please please please make sure they have adequate shelter and water!  The first thing I tend to think about when the temperatures become this extreme is pets who have to suffer through it without any relief. 

Photo taken in Mexico, January 2012.

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  1. Have fun at the pool! It's so hot out and you definitely need to be near some water! My husband comes home tonight (yippee!)... we are toying with the idea of heading to Indy tomorrow for Umphrey's, but we may just lay low. Enjoy your visit with your sis, your time with Robbie, and the Wilco show! :)

  2. I'm in Michigan & it's been sweltering here too. We don't have air conditioning either... or a basement. Oh what I wouldn't give for a basement right now, they are always cool. Anyway, we have a dog too & I feel sooo bad for him leaving him there at home while we go to work where there is air conditioning. We leave 5 fans on in the house, a giant bowl of water (which we put ice in before we leave haha). We also have pergo floors, which stay kinda cool mostly, so he lays on the floor right next to a fan most of the day. I hope we get some relief soon!

  3. I'm excited to see what you guys are planning for the blog!! I hope you stay cool and I totally agree with everything you said about pets in this weather!!

  4. We have been pretty lucky to escape the exceptionally hot heat here (so very thankful!) so I haven't had to battle the sun too much yet this summer. The doggies definitely like to be extra lazy on those days though haha. But that's good because I read somewhere that the smaller the dog, the quicker they get dehydrated. Then again maybe my mind is playing tricks on me... But I did just find a recipe for dog peanut butter ice cream that I'm super excited to try out when it gets hotter out! : ]

    Have a fantabulous mini-vacation!

  5. agree about animals in this heat. enjoy your wknd!

  6. go on with your soapbox, it doesn't hurt to have a reminder. rock on with your sister, husband, work, play, pool, music, weekend extravaganza!

  7. i live in cyprus and have a pooch, just a ickle mix breed jack russell with not much fur but summers in Cyprus are HOT and I can even imagine wearing a fur coat in this heat. i always feel so srry for her, her little face just exhausted by the heat as she lays on the tiles by the door, lapping up the breaze from the balcony. Pool days are the best!! I wish everyday could be a pool day!!

  8. let me know how moonrise kingdom is! i think i am the only person who hasn't seen it yet!

  9. I saw you onstage at the Umphreys show last night and then I saw you come out into the crowd but I was too shy to come say hi. ;-)

    1. Awww! Next time please introduce yourself! There's nothing to be shy about. :) Glad you came to the show! xo, m


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